The Unification of Craftsmanship & Intuition - Bryan Rombalski & 3 Worlds

Best Jazz Songwriter - Best Jazz Musician - Best Jazz Small Combo

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08th May, 2014     0

The success that Bryan Rombalski has enjoyed with both his solo work and with his band ‘Three Worlds’ has been consistent and cumulative. Over the past eight years Rombalski has managed to earn 21 trophies at the annual Review Music Awards ceremony, which readily demonstrates he is onto a winning formula. “It’s all about craftsmanship, intuition, and playing with heart,” he explains. “My music is an analogy – it’s about unity, how different styles and different types of music can relate.”

The current line-up of musicians in Three Worlds consists of Mike McHenry on drums, Ed Carney on sax, Ryan Fitzgerald on bass, and Loren Kranz on keyboards and percussion. “Ryan and I have worked closely now for some years and he suggested including Loren, now that Ed has been traveling.”  The addition of Kranz into the fold has been measurable, with many of their recent performances being reminiscent of the alliance that guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck formed with Jann Hammer back in the mid-70s.

I do love the sound of a quartet with its many possibilities for colors and dynamics,” continues Bryan.  “Since I also perform as duo, trio, quartet and quintet I've had the pleasure to at times include John Talbert on keyboards as well as Eddy Garcia on percussion. Top flight players all. Kind hearts and talent.”

Rombalski first expressed interest in the visual arts at the age of three (see attached artwork sample) and it was at the age of eleven that he began to play guitar. To this day he credits the two years of music theory he had at Saginaw’s Eisenhower High School for giving him a solid musical foundation; and he continues to be an advocate for music classes in the schools. In addition to playing music, he also teaches it at Jim Fulkerson’s Music Studio in Midland.

When asked his reaction to the winning nods at this year’s Review Music Awards, Rombalski says he was both humbled and thankful. “Winning these awards reminds me to continue to strive to refine my work.  Life experiences such as family illness and loss of others close to me has presented life in its many forms (yin/yang) and what would be my natural inclination to burro away, study, and research is now replaced with a drive to share and experience with others in "real' time.  Collaborative endeavors spell energetic power in numbers. It can be a very shared uplifting experience.”

“Its now been ten years with the band Three Worlds though I been performing since the mid 70's. From rock and roll to jazz, folk, and classical I've been involved with many genres. Warming up bands like VanHalen, Cheap Trick, UFO, and others to playing music before Deepak Chopra and other musical presentations. Going through the years of making five CD's and one DVD (The Poetry of Sound) I listened and learned. The biggest evolution would be how I'm now melding what I've learned from other world cultures into a form of "Integral" expression. And I have to tell you...there is a lot to cover and maintain.”

“There are hours of unrecorded compositions and I do hope to produce another project myself or with others soon. A reoccurring image of a concert of devotional music could include gospel, bhajans, chant, and much more would be something very special indeed.”

When asked what he feels distinguishes his sound the most from other jazz oriented guitarists, Rombalski had this to say: “I think of the instrument as a tool. A tool to build something with. Not so much a single note soloing approach but more orchestral. I'm like a drummer on guitar and I do so love harmony and melody. You see many chord shapes when I'm playing that I hope paint inviting sonic pictures. I’m going for beauty but with power!  My goal is to keep spreading the music out to all who will listen and continue to grow in the language of sound and imagery.”


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