The Rhythms and Passion of Hip Hop Artist Mike Spitz

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28th April, 2016     0

Mike Spitz (also known as Spitzer) is a contemporary Hip-Hop & Rap artist that through hard work and a willingness to embrace a wide variety of music is making a well-deserved reputation as an artist to watch. Regardless of whatever direction his journey into the musical world takes him, Spitzer is determined to always “keep it real”.

While his sound has been described as a combination of Twista, YelaWolf, Kid Rock, Tech N9ne and Rage Against the Machine rolled into one melting pot of sound, he emerged into the industry six years ago as one of the fiercest up & coming artists in the game today and captured the attention of industry heavyweights all over the world, not only for his musical abilities but because of his lyrical talent, delivery and tone that set him into a singular league of his own.

While he hails from Saginaw, Spitzer was accepted to perform at the New York International Music Festival back in November, 2005 and built his name through freestyle battles, also logging appearances on Video Central, which airs in Detroit, Lansing & Cincinnati.

I’ve always been writing and singing and rapping ever since I was a little kid,” he explains.  “My first big influence was The Beastie Boys and I remember being 7-years old and rapping at my Grandpa’s 50th Anniversary party.  I’ve always loved music and grew up on Led Zeppelin and old rock & roll from my Mom & Dad’s collection. From there things progressed and I started rapping at parties for fun and in school and then it progressed into getting into the studio and recording.”

“Ask yourself what is music? It’s organized sound created to make you feel or think a certain way. If I’m not making a song with a purpose what’s the point? My goal is to be as real as possible. The more real you are with your lyrics the more fans will connect with you, so that’s where I’m at with it.”

There’s so many sub-genres of Hip Hop and it’s always going to be evolving, because that’s what music does. I borrow and take from every which way like a sponge – I absorb everything I hear and see. I’ve had A&R guys say they don’t know where to place me, but that’s not really a bad thing. I’d rather be versatile than stuck on one thing.”

Spitzer’s  music is available on iTunes and Reverb Nation and you can check out his videos on facebook.



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