The Process Receive Grammy Nomination for \'Weapons of Mass Percussion\'

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21st December, 2006     0

When the news hit that the reggae/rock warriors The Process secured a nomination in the Reggae Division for the 2007 Grammy Awards, it was the peak accomplishment for a driven band that has consistently developed new material and broken into new territory for over 20 years.

Recently I caught up with main-man David Asher to glean his reactions to this accomplishment.

Lauren: first, give me a blanket blurb (about half a paragraph) on how you feel about the recognition:

Asher: It really is a thrill to receive recognition from the recognized establishment of the industry. After being on it's periphery for so many years, it's just a good feeling. Also knowing that we were able to achieve this as an independent artist with no major label backing is a satisfying feeling. To be fair we are well represented by a Madison Ave Law firm in New York, Jacobson & Colfin P.C.

Lauren: Had you not done music, who would you be right now?

Asher: "Can't image it. If I hadn't been commissioned by the Most High to do this work, I'm sure I would be somewhere tropical. Because it is a commission and it does involve sacrifice which most people would not be willing to deal with, in terms of free time and family."

Lauren; What is the key to staying in love with your music?

Asher: "The key for myself in staying in love with music and the creative process is the wonderful musical brothers I have been blessed with surrounding me, Garrick Owen, Bill Heffelfinger, Gabe Gonzalez and Sam Metropoulos and our fans, friends and families. I also should mention our fantastic producer Gee "Genius" Pierce. What keeps it fresh for us over the years is our creative process. We never write the same way twice in the way we approach the music. We have a formula for preproduction and production but the creative process used in writing is nearly always unique. Sometimes I write alone, sometimes with Garrick. Sometimes I write on the guitar, sometimes I plunk the melodies out on the piano. The best stuff comes to me when I'm walking around or driving in my car. SometimesBill always brings a unique approach to the arrangements as well, so we mix it up with out too much thought about it.

Lauren: What is the most ridiculous idea you have had, that worked?

Asher: To make a remix album using bits from the news and found sounds (which became Weapons Of Mass Percussion)".

Lauren: What is the coolest aspect of the nomination, and tell me your thoughts on, (if you'll pardon the inference) the process involved?

Asher: Well it was a nomination "consideration" where we were one of 46 contenders. The coolest part for me was getting an email from Grammy Chairman (reggae) Roger Steffens wishing us good luck. Roger is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world about reggae music and I admire him a lot.

I would just like to thank our friends, fans and families who have supported us through good and bad times over the years. They are truly the ones who have enabled us to continue doing what we love. God bless em.


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