The PROCESS LIVE: Vassar Theater

Exceptionally Recorded DVD Chronicles Musical Warriors in Their Prime. DVD Release Party Slated for Indian Barry's November 29th

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06th November, 2008     0

With the possible exception of the wedding band Ceyx, no other musical outfit in the tri-cities have remained as intact as the Vassar-based reggae/rock warriors known as The Process. And being essentially an all-original group, writing and performing their own material while pursuing a very defined musical  & cultural vision, this is a band of brothers that truly is in a league of their own.

On a cold and grey March evening earlier this year, The Process booked the beautiful Vassar Theater to perform a sold-out concert showcasing the broad yet precise expansiveness of their music, which served as the perfect setting for a live concert video recording of the 70-minute set.

Entitled The Process – Live @ Vassar Theater and produced by Big Bang Films & the Process, from the opening musical swell of Blood Running to the re-focused delivery of what has become their 'signature' song, Pigman, this is undoubtedly one of the best recorded and professionally edited video releases to hit the market in recent memory.

Directed by Gary Bredow for Big Bang Films with sound & lighting and a live mix courtesy of Art Bissonette from Bissonette Sound, the live recording techniques employed by Lavel Jackson for Mobile Studios set a landmark for the way videos should be filmed, with plenty of tight shots and a focus upon the stage (as opposed to the audience, which often detracts from most concert films).

David Asher's vocal strength has solidified over the years and the flow of his writing grown deeper with age, while guitarist Garrick Owen achieves new levels of sonic accuracy. With the estimable skills of bassist/keyboardist and programming genius Bill Heffelfinger and all group energy focused through drummer Gabe Gonzalez' relentless attack, this DVD does what a concert video is supposed to – frame the accomplishments of the group into a context is not only memorable, but chronicled for posterity.

The Process will be holding a special DVD Release Party with a performance at Indian Barry's on Saturday, November 29th.  Copies of The Process LIVE: The Vassar Theater can also be obtained by going to their website at


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