The Midland Brewing Company Transforms into a World Class Destination Point

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23rd February, 2017     0

There seems to be a recurring theme, of late, in entertainment and media: “What’s old is new again.” We are seeing comebacks for everything from vinyl records to “bridge nights.”

That saying is on full display at the “new” Midland Brewing Company (5011 N. Saginaw Rd, Midland). 

The Midland Brewing Company was initially founded in 1935, the post-Prohibition era, at the site of a former dairy in Downtown Midland, 3 miles from the current location.  By coincidence, the first saloon in Midland was opened at the Red Keg Camp, 3 miles in the opposite direction.  It is at the intersection of these two legacies that the brewery was first reborn in 2010.

Dave Kepler, an owner / investor in the business, stated “We try to honor the traditions of the region.  You’ll see things that will remind you of an old rail station.  We also feature the area’s lumber camp heritage.”

Even for those that are familiar with the most recent era of the Midland Brewing Company, the

transformation of the building and grounds is surprising.  While the venue has always represented a quality, upscale tasting room, the new layout is world class, adding a full kitchen, a new bar, windows, an updated exterior, patio seating and a landscaped courtyard that abuts the Rail Trail.

As Kepler indicated, “The footprint is basically the same as the old building; almost everything else is new.”

The history and art of brewing is a big part of the craft beer business and the Midland Brewing Company is grounded in the nuances that make craft beers different than their mainstream counterparts.

As described by John Telfer, Sales Representative for the company, “Somewhere around 80% of the beer consumed in America is one style.  In reality, there are 70 or more different styles of beer that are brewed around the world.”

He continued, “Craft beers are those brewed independently, while trying to honor these traditions.”

The MBC beer line up currently consists of six “flagship” beers, such as their signature Copper Harbor Ale, two specialty beers, including the 7 Vultures Black IPA and four seasonal beers, with enticing names such as Three Mile Marker Hefeweizen and Lumberjack Brawl American Wheat.  Each comes with a suggested pairing from their full menu of high-end pub food.

Michigan is a hotbed for the craft beer industry, both in the realm of independent commercial breweries and homebrewing, which became legal in the 1970s.  The best breweries in Michigan now also qualify as tourist destinations and Midland Brewing Company is sure to become of the favorites who travel to sample new beers and brewers.

Kepler indicated they have big plans for the summer, taking advantage of their new outdoor courtyard area and the proximity to the well-traveled Rail Trail system.

You can find out more about the Midland Brewing Company on Facebook, at their webpage or by calling 989-259-7210.


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