The Man with the Golden Ears - ANDY REED

Best Recording Studio - Most Innovative Artist - Best Solo Artist - Critic's Choice Award: Best Songwriter

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Andy Reed is what you can safely call a ‘Musician’s Musician’.  Ever since he first surfaced on the scene with the seminal Alt-Rock band The Haskels, up through the duo he formed with his brother, Jason Reed, to the stage he is at now with his ‘solo’ work with American Underdog, Reed has proven himself to be both a multi-talented musician, serving time with The Verve Pipe on bass.

Apart from being a thoroughly gifted songwriter, with the creation of Reed Recording Studio several years ago, Andy has taken his talents for recording and production to new levels, having discussed the art of recording with none other than The Beatles’ own recording engineer Geoff Emerick.  He is also the top-selection of numerous artists ranging in genres from Country, Rock, Folk, and Americana to translate their music on disc for posterity.

Review: It's been a few turns of the Zodiac since you first surfaced with The Haskels, up through your work with The Verve Pipe, and now with the focus on your solo and recording career.  How do you feel your work has evolved over the years; and are the goals that you set for your career close to what you envisioned when you first started writing and performing?

Andy Reed: I think I've evolved in the sense that I'm much more open minded and realistic. I am never going to know everything about music in my lifetime but I sure am going to try to figure out as much as I can. I take the same approach with recording. I feel like pushing myself to get better is the best for my education and career, musically and technically.

Review: What projects are you working on that fans can look forward to over the next several months?

Reed:  I have a project with a band I'm in called The Legal Matters. We are releasing our debut LP in the next couple of months. I'm really excited about it. It will be released on vinyl, cd, and digital formats. There are some great new releases from bands I've recorded coming out as well. Brody and the Busch Are Trio, The Distorted Waltz, Stephen Colarelli and Modern Day Cure are all releasing full-length records soon. 

Review: What was your reaction to winning the respective honors that you received at the RMA’s this year with both the popular vote & critic polls - and I suppose an ancillary question would be: What do you feel most distinguishes your sound and approach to creating and recording music?

Reed: It always feels good to be recognized by the fans of music and the musicians themselves. I feel like my work with others has become my strong suit. It's nice that the artists I work with are happy with the process as well as the results

Review: What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing you at this stage of the game?

The biggest challenge for me now really is time. I have to schedule everything - even writing and recording my own stuff. With a one year old and a full schedule in the studio, my calendar has become my new best friend. I'm not complaining. Life is good. I'm very grateful to be doing what I'm doing. 

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