The Hamilton Street Pub Serving Up the Harmony of Quality & Value for Over 3 Decades

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18th November, 2010     0

The Hamilton Street Pub stands lodged amidst the luminescent Victorian lights of Old Town Saginaw as a long-standing beacon where community and nourishment collide. Located at 308 S. Hamilton Street over the decades the ‘Pub’ has cemented a reputation for featuring local original musical artists, but since owner Mike Farrell took over the establishment five years ago, the most notable evolution of this cultural mainstay has centered upon the divergent harmony to be found in it’s expansive dining menu, which ranges from homemade soups, nine different salads, Quesadillas, Pitas & Wraps, and Specialty Sandwiches.

“One of my key goals was to improve the food sales,” explains Farrell, “so we keep the kitchen open from 11 AM to 9 PM, which has increased both our Happy Hour and nighttime food sales.”

“Apart from offering a big variety on the menu our focus is on also offering a good value,” he continues. “Our prices haven’t increased since I took over five years ago and we are constantly striving to keep the quality up and the prices down.”

Mike notes that the most popular items offered on their menu center around the Pub Cheeseburger Basket, which comes homemade and loaded at only $3.99, including French fries, pasta salad, or coleslaw. “Our steak sandwich and Rib Eye sandwich are also very in-demand, but items like our Chicken Caesar Salad are also growing, partly because of the special fresh ingredients that we use, along with the reasonable price point of $5.99.

With a divergent range of items like Wet Burritos, French Dips, Grilled Chicken Clubs, and Quesadillas all priced in the $5.00 - $6.00 range, the food at The Pub is always consistent, warm, and substantially satisfying.

For entertainment the Pub offers Live Music on Tuesdays & Fridays with a Video DJ on Thursday and Saturday. “We went from five nights to two nights per week with the live bands,” notes Mike, “but by featuring one major push for Live Music on fewer nights of the week it has helped the band nights by not saturating them so much.”

“We’re always looking for new talent and new faces,” Mike adds.

For an impressive array of culinary delights and an ambiance that only the imprint of time and legacy can deliver, The Hamilton Street Pub is definitely an establishment that will make your taste buds say ‘hello!’


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