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Now Accepting Work from Michigan Artists

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The latest news from downtown Saginaw’s Eastside Entertainment District is the slated opening of The Gallery, Art for Saginaw, which is set to soon open its doors at 104 E. Genesee Street on the corner of Washington & Genesee in the historic Bancroft Building.

According to director Lisa Comer, the mission of this new entity is to serve the community of Saginaw by providing a spacious downtown location in the historic Bancroft Building for talented Michigan artists to display and sell their art.

Proceeds from the sale of art at The Gallery will go to the Saginaw Art Museum to benefit the youth of Saginaw through education initiatives, awareness, appreciation, and other programs developed by the museum.

“By promoting a love and knowledge of art for today’s youth, we believe this generation and future generations will appreciate the importance of art in society and preserve art for future generations,” states Comer.

Set to open in October, The Gallery will be open Tuesday – Saturday from Noon – 6 PM.  Set up as a non-profit entity, artists displayed in the gallery will receive compensation with proceeds going to The Saginaw Art Museum. All variety of art will be considered for display, with an emphasis on modern contemporary art. Talented artists that were either born in Michigan, lived in Michigan in the past, or currently reside in the state are eligible for consideration.  Submissions will also be considered for artists that attended college in Michigan, even if they currently reside in a different state.

Talented artist:  The Gallery is selectively reviewing art submissions by Michigan artists to display in the gallery. If any Michigan artist would like to be considered for their art being accepted for display; they can access The Gallery website at and review the information and procedures for submitting art

Price range of art:  The average price will fall in the $200 -$1500 range with an emphasis on affordable art that residents of Saginaw county and the surrounding areas can purchase and display without spending too much.

At almost 5000 square feet, The Gallery will be one of the largest art galleries in the state of Michigan. “In addition to being a 1st class gallery with affordable prices so that as many residents of the county can enjoy authentic works of art as possible, The Gallery will host instructional fun art classes for everyone by local art instructors,” adds Comer. “We also intent to combine beginner art classes with wine tasting and more information on dates and times will be posted on our web site.  Another service we will provide is a beautiful location for private parties, political fundraisers, or charity events.”

According to Comer, Downtown Saginaw was chosen to locate The Gallery because of the rapid revitalization occurring and because of the close proximity to the entertainment district.  “The Historic Bancroft building was the choice location because of its historical significance and beautiful flowing space, in addition to its location on the most prominent intersection in Saginaw of Washington and Genesee, with close proximity to the Dow Event Center, Temple Theater, First Merit Bank Event Park, and Saginaw Club, in addition to close proximity of the new Delta College downtown location and Farmers Market that helped seal the deal.”

To find out more, visit their website at and you can also contact Lisa by emailing her at



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