The Future of Saginaw Sting Indoor Football

Will the team be here in 2012?

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Having been a sports fan my entire life, watching all types of sports from the High School to the professional level, I wonder about the future of the Saginaw Sting Football franchise here in Saginaw.   The team opened the 2011 season with great fanfare attracting good size crowds in the Wendler Arena during the first few games of the season.
Then the fun began with several coaching changes before even the mid point of the season.   They brought in some good talent and actually stocked the team with some players from the area that the fans could recognize.  Then problems surfaced with roster moves before the deadlines set up by the league.  This led to some players being not allowed to play for a couple of games. 
Then problems with star quarterback Tommy Jones leaving the team for personal reasons and the fact that to this date it has never been explained to the fans.  The team stuck together and then another coaching change.   Then some bumps on the road in the final games of the season even with the transportation. 
Somehow ownership got the League MVP quarterback to come back to the team in time for the Ultimate Indoor League Championship game.  This was done after the team pulled together to win the first playoff game to make the Championship game of the 1st year Indoor Football League.   The League having only 6 teams will have to grow before the next season starts because the fans and players don't want to see the same teams over and over again. 
Here is the real sticking point with me as far as being a member of the media and wanting to cover the playoff games.  I made several attempted telephone calls to the Saginaw Sting Football offices and left voice mail messages several times to obtain Media Credentials for the games and never heard back from anyone at all.   I further understand the crowds at the last few games at the Dow were mainly there on complimentary tickets from the team.  
I can see that several changes need to be made to insure the success of the team in 2012 and beyond.   I think that maybe some local ownership or the chance for the fans to buy into the team might increase the chances of success.  More revenue needs to be in place and have the team get out more in the public eye to be seen.   There are more things that will be discussed I'm sure for them to return for 2012.   Here we have the best team in the League, but I as a longtime sports fan have many doubts if the team will return.   

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