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29th Annual Review Music Awards Program Schedule • Sunday, April 12th

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All of us at The Review are busily revved-up and undeniably excited about our upcoming 29th Annual Review Music Awards Ceremony & Celebration, which is set to commence on Sunday, April 12th in the spacious Genevieve Ballroom at Lumber Barons in Bay City, which is located at 804 E. Midland Street.  Doors will open at 4 PM and the Ceremony & Performances will begin at 5 PM with many unique and special collaborations planned for this legendary night when the public gets an opportunity to both express their gratitude and also party with their favorite artists and those that put forth a tremendous amount of talent and energy throughout the year that both creates the music and makes the ‘sound’ of our cultural community here in the Great Lakes Bay.

Over the years this ceremony has brought greater attention and ushered the advancement of many notable performers, but what is most gratifying is the fact that the music and artists that we celebrate and honor with this special occasion have branched out in so many notable directions, solidifying the stature of talent that we are fortunate to have among us that we can proudly cultivate, nurture, support and be proud to call our own.

This ceremony is the only one of its kind that connects people, audience and artist together, as nominees & winners are determined entirely by the voting public at large, and not through the politics and pre-dispositions of a special committee.  Yet it also embraces the fact that musical talent and quality is more than a popularity contest, so also incorporates oversight by a special awards committee that his year was comprised by myself, Trish Lewis, Matt deHeus, Bo White and Mike Brush to assure that each nominee belongs within the category that they are nominated

An important point that I find inspiring is that over 6000 votes were cast this year and people took the time to register and actually go through the process we have set up to nominate and support such a varied and broad pool of talent, with over 948 artists nominated in the first round of balloting. To me this proves that when it comes to overall talent, there are certainly no losers, as each musician and artist nominated is worthy of recognition in their own respective right, having distinguished themselves by making it to the top of the list through the entire balloting process.

And now we’re set for the celebration to begin!  Tickets for the ceremony are available for only $10.00 advance and $15.00 at the door. You can also purchase a table of six tickets for only $50.00. Tickets are available in advance at the following locations; SAGINAW: Review Magazine, White’s Bar, Records & Tapes Galore, Thunderbrew Coffee Co., Mac’s Bar & Oppermann’s Cork & Ale. BAY CITY: Lumber Barons, Electric Kitsch, Dockside Restaurant, Herter Music. MIDLAND: Mid Michigan Music, Fulkerson Music & Tim Boychuck’s State Farm Insurance.

What follows is the Program Itinerary & Schedule for this year’s ceremony. This will be a memorable and high-spirited evening of unparalleled entertainment that we urge you to not to miss. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the Ceremony, feel free to phone me at 989-780-4162.


29th Annual Review Music Awards Program & Schedule

4:00 - 5:00 PM • Video Highlights of Previous Awards Ceremonies. A retrospective of musical history in the making, spanning 28 years of performances and highlights from the Review Music Awards.

5:00 - 5:05 PM • Opening Remarks

Review Magazine publisher & editor Robert E. Martin welcomes nominees and attendees and recaps the voting procedure.

5:05 - 5:20 PM • Country Awards

Favorite Country Club • Country Musician • Male Country Vocalist • Female Country Vocalist • Country Songwriter • Best Country Band • Best Country Video

5:20 - 5:55 PM • The Blue Sage Ramblers

Consisting of an eclectic and respected line-up of musicians that includes Tom Dolson (percussion, mandolin & vocals); Bob Hausler (lead guitar & vocals); James Nelson (keyboard, accordion, harmonica & vocals; and Jim Spaulding (bass guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica & vocals) the Blue Sage Ramblers create a warm and enticing mixture of Americana, Blues, Country, all sprinkled with a dash of Rock ‘n Roll. For this evening’s special performance they will also be joined by 29th RMA nominees Robin Devereaux-Nelson and Kelsey Hathaway on vocals.

5:55 - 6:25 PM • Miscellaneous Awards

Best New Artist of the Year • Best Band Website • Best Duo • Best Solo Artist • Best Music Video • Best Radio Station • Best Music Festival • Best Live Event of the Year • Best Videographer • Best Folk Band or Duo • Best CD Release • Best Concert Album or Project • Most Innovative Artist • Best Sound Technician • Best Waitress • Best Bartender • Best Recording Studio

6:25 - 7:00 PM • The Robertson Brothers Band

This newly formed musical collective features the talents of our region’s most notable musicians, many of which have been honored as previous Review Music Awards recipients. Featuring Mike & Scott Robertson from Maybe August, legendary keyboardist Mike Thomas, percussionist Mike McHenry from Bryan Rombalski’s Three Worlds, and Rosco Selley also formerly of Maybe August, their genre leans toward the Americana side with all original material. They possess heavily solid vocal harmony and mix acoustic and electric presentations.

7:00 - 7:15 PM • Jazz Awards

Favorite Jazz Club • Best Jazz Musician • Jazz Songwriter • Female Jazz Vocalist • Best Small Combo • Best Big Band • Best Jazz Video

7:15 – 8:00 PM • Donny Brown & the Van Dell Tones

Saginaw born and bred musician and co-founding member of the chart-topping Michigan Alt-Rock band The Verve Pipe will make his Review Awards solo debut where he will be performing new original material from his debut solo release, the Hess Street E.P. along with fresh translations of his classic Verve Pipe material.

Known for his strong drumming, songwriting and vocal abilities, Brown is taking center stage and trading the drums for his guitar and a backing band consisting of Andy Reed on bass & vocals, Scott Van Dell on guitars, Chris Zehnder on guitar & vocals, Jake Bartlett on drums & percussion, and Jake Greenwood on keyboard & percussion to showcase his incredible catalog of new original compositions and crowd favorites for this special occasion. Also joining Donny will be Ron 'Rosco' Selley on harmonica, Kay Rinker O'Neil on flute and vocals and Abbey Hoffman on vocals.

In addition to forming the legendary Lansing band Water 4 the Pool, which led to the evolution of The Verve Pipe, who scored #1 Billboard hits with their RCA debut release Villains in 1996, Brown has also worked with legendary songwriters Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies, Willy Porter and the Hanson brothers. He has also produced recordings for numerous Michigan bands, including 19 Wheels, The Hard Lessons and The Atomic Numbers.

“For the past year I’ve been rearranging my musical life and am especially proud of the new direction and enthusiastic response that my new material is receiving, “reflects Brown. “I want to have my music out there, but because I’m known as a drummer and songwriter, I’ve always filled a supporting role. Frankly, I never envisioned myself as a ‘front guy’, but I like to think that my writing is good enough that the music will do the talking, more than me being in the spotlight. I’ve always tried to keep in mind that at the end of the day the song is what this is all about.”

8:00 – 8:15 PM • Blues Awards

Best Blues Video • Best Funk Band • Best Blues Club • Blues Songwriter • Female Blues Vocalist • Male Blues Vocalist • Blues Instrumentalist • Best Blues Band

8:15 - 8:50 PM • Avenue 5

With musical sensibilities deeply seated in the sounds of Motown, R&B, and popular dance music, Avenue 5 consists of vocalist & keyboardist Noel Howland, vocalist & guitarist Chris Mohn, vocal powerhouse Mel Curry, and the rhythm section of Joe Balbaugh on bass with Vince Gaskew on drums. With solid vocal harmonization and strong musicianship, this group is reflective of the musical diversity of the region and pack each performance with the soulful shimmering sounds they create.

8:50 - 9:00 PM • Rap Hip-Hop Awards

Best DJ • Best Mixtape/Release • Best Producer • Best Performer • Best Promoter • Rap Hip/Hop Artist of the Year • Best Rap Hip-Hop Video • Best Songwriter

9:00 - 9:30 PM • Redburn

This band delivers a sound of hip-hop fused with rock melody. Their messages are deep and soul felt. The music is melodic and the lyrics reflect struggle, death, depression, and pain felt issues. They have toured with the band "Rehab" in their first national journey since their birth a year ago and continue to play numerous national venues with bands such as Powerman 5000, Saving Abel, Saliva, Uncle Kracker, Papa Roach, Hinder and so on. Ladies and Gentleman .... REDBURN.

9:30 - 9:45 PM • Rock Awards

Favorite Rock Club • Rock Female Vocalist • Rock Male Vocalist • Rock Drummer • Rock Bassist • Rock Keyboardist • Rock Guitarist • Rock Songwriter • Best Rock Video • Best Rock Band

9:45 - 10:15 PM • The Distorted Waltz

This Bay City based alternative band is creating a big stir with their passionate and high-energy sound. Consisting of Andy Jeglic on guitars & vocals, Sam Shaw on drums, Matt Hoffman on bass and backing vocals, and Matt Miller on guitars & backing vocals. Together these musical anarchists explore a kaleidoscope of sound that colors their sepia toned excursions into the past with the colorful day glow sheen of the future.

10:15 – 10:25 PM • The Final Four

Best Alternative Band • Best Metal Band • Best Original Band • Best Variety Band

10:25 – 11:00 PM • Brody & the Busch Road Trio

The reality and beauty of Brody & the Busch Rd. Trio is the stuff of contemporary folklore, revolving around vocalist, songwriter, and de-facto muse Eric ‘Brody’ Braeutigam, who drew the muscular and adept backline of bassist Josh Rodammer and drummer Cody Little together, along with guitarist Derek Burk to carve tonal coloration into Brody’s original songs with his talented fretwork. Each member of the trio credits Brody as being the spiritual fulcrum that allows the band to detail the complexion of each original gem they create.

Musically the group is constantly open to new influences and sounds, yet were absorbed by both Classic Rock and America’s rich musical legacy of the Blues and Folk at a young enough age to inform their material. Each song on their stunning new release, Sing for My Supper, reveals an amalgamation of influences that in their effort to create something fresh and unique with each track allows for a divergent range of expression. This allows them to be both explosive and controlled and explore the full range of emotion between those extremes with their material.

11:00 – Midnight • RMA Afterparty with The Hipakritz

The Hipakritz is a local rock band that has been on the scene for over 13 years. Performing a mixture of Classic, 80s, 90s, and current rock, with a smudge of country thrown in for good measure, they have had many different members and are known for starting the careers of some of the well-known local musicians in area bands. Presently they consist of group founder Mike Eudis, Jeff Zimmerman, Dan Eudis and John Dillman. They have a huge alumni and have always put fun and entertainment at the forefront of their shows. If you haven’t seen them before then you have probably been living under a rock.




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