The Dark Push Behind the World Economic Forum’s Green Agenda

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23rd February, 2023     0

Recently, the COP27 meeting concluded in Egypt with the World Economic Forum laying out 40 metrics the world must accomplish by 2030, including the ones listed below that I thought were the most revealing of the ones they outlined:

(1) Shut down 925 average-size coal plants a year; (2) Increase public transportation infrastructure 6X’s faster than the current rate to decrease individual driving; (3) Lower CO2 from cement production 10X’s faster than the current rate; (4) Reduce the rate of deforestation 2.5X’s faster; (5) Shift to plant-based diets 5X’s faster (call for a drastic reduction in beef consumption per capita in developed nations);  and (6) Phase out oil subsidies 5X’s faster.

The above policy directives are interesting for Directives (1) and (6) obviously feed into WEF’s agenda of greatly increased reliance on inefficient and expensive green energy, a policy agenda that will cause energy prices around the world to soar into unaffordable price levels for many people and create a decision in many households between feeding one’s family or heating/cooling one’s home during winter/summer seasons.

Directive (2) is about reducing our rights to privacy and to future car ownership, an iteration of Klaus Shwab’s declaration that “you will own nothing and be happy”.  At first glance, Directive (3) seems to be a call for massively decreasing the levels of building construction in large cities around the world and stymying any commercial real estate growth, but new methodologies of fabricating cement that rely on electrolyzers and no CO2 production, if perfected, could accomplish Directive (3) without calling for a massive decrease in the rate of all commercial real estate growth.

Directive (4) is somewhat of a shock, given the extreme hypocrisy of the WEF and other man-made climate change advocates in their dismissal of the massive contribution of rainforest destruction to increased levels of CO2 by these 13 companies: Colgate-Palmolive, L’Oreal, Hershey, Kelloggs, Kraft, Mars, Mondelez, General Mills, Heinz, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Reckitt Benckiser and Unilever.  All 13 of these companies heavily partake in the destruction of rainforests because they source resources required in the manufacturing of their products that come from the clearing of massive areas of rainforest.

However, the WEF still made this call without offending the corporations with whom they are in bed, by specifically avoiding naming the aforementioned companies. Finally, regarding Directive (5), while studies have shown that those that consume plant-based diets typically have considerably longer lifespans than those that primarily consume meat-based diets, I don’t believe that policy makers should dictate to us what we can and cannot eat, especially since we know that all attendees of the WEF that make such policies will never cease going to expensive steakhouses. This should remain in the realm of personal choice.

Most importantly, all of the above is only relevant if one believes that global warming is a direct consequence of human activity, despite the lack of robust scientific proof that it is not due to credible alternative views that attribute warming to changes in the precession of the earth’s tilt along its axis and increased sunspot activity, of which there is ample historical evidence.

Finally, the most revealing of all the policy calls above is the prominent absence of a specific call, the call for the growth of the greenest energy source of all – nuclear energy.

If global warming were actually due to human activity-based CO2 emissions, then the most efficient, best solution would be to call for an explosive growth in nuclear energy as our major source of energy around the world, given that many of the strongest objections to nuclear energy are based upon outdated fears, especially given the advancement of technology in nuclear reactors today that have significantly reduced safety concerns.

In the past, at COP26, both man-made global warming advocates and WEF policy makers have discussed the need to rely on nuclear energy more prominently. But it is no coincidence that specifically this year, during massive economic sanctions imposed by NATO nations against Russia, that nations like France, Germany, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands have all returned, or plan on returning to a greater reliance on dirty coal energy this year and in the future, with no significant announcements about future plans to expand reliance on nuclear energy.

And Poland, instead of announcing a push to expand their nuclear energy sources, are pushing ahead to expand very expensive, extremely inefficient green energies like solar and wind, having expanded their nation’s reliance on these energies from 6.9% in 2010 to 16.9% as of 2021. And this war, not pure energy strategy, has led to energy costs in Poland soaring out of control by 20% to 40% this year, and in response, the Polish government has provided subsidies to utility companies if they do not hike prices by more than 40% in 2022!

In other words, the leaders of all these nations have demonstrated a propensity to cut off their nose to spite their face instead of actually pursuing energy policies that would best enhance their citizens’ quality of living.

Though the political leaders of these nations will convince the naive segments of their populations to blame Russia for the soaring energy costs of their nation, the fact of the matter has been that due to the NATO war against Russia, they would rather give their citizens emphysema, lung cancer and soaring energy bills by choosing coal and inefficient, expensive renewable energy sources for politically driven reasons over clean, cheap green energy.

Say what you will against the Chinese government for killing the immune systems of their citizens with deplorable extended Covid lockdowns for three years now (and rightly so) , but at least the citizens that are still alive after the CCP finally disband their ignorant Zero Covid policies won’t require the use of portable oxygen tanks in their future due to its very aggressive push to expand nuclear energy supply.

Furthermore, a push into extremely inefficient and expensive green energy sources reveals the sinister nature of policy makers that seek to deliberately send our energy costs sky-high.

If we look at the below chart, it is clear to see that solar energy has less than 27% the capacity of nuclear and wind energy possesses and less than 40% of the capacity of nuclear. What is capacity? Capacity is the operational uptime of the energy source, so if nuclear can run at more than 3Xs the capacity of solar and 2.6X the capacity of wind, then obviously these other two “green” solutions are highly inefficient when compared to nuclear. Thus a push for nations to increase “green” energy that excludes nuclear is in reality, a push towards massive inefficiency in a nation’s energy sources.

In addition, when we compare costs, if we observe the average price per KilowattHour for nuclear energy for the Asian nuclear reactors that represent more advanced generational nuclear reactors than those currently deployed in Western nations versus the average price of solar and wind energy, the massive discrepancies in price to the consumer is readily apparent. In this comparison, I have chosen to exclude the higher energy costs of Western nuclear reactors, because for example, the very old age of many nuclear reactors in France has recently necessitated shutdowns for safety concerns and retrofitting measures.

Thus, sticking to the more efficient newer generation nuclear reactors for the basis of my price comparison, solar-energy is 5.5Xs more costly to the consumer than nuclear energy while wind produced energy is a whopping 11.8Xs more expensive.

It seems that the WEF’s mission of focus on alternative, inefficient green technologies moving forward while phasing out dependence on oil and coal to meet humanity’s ever increasing energy demands is simply to drive the costs of energy sky-high for humanity. Furthermore, my aforementioned comparison does not even incorporate the much lower energy costs that will be produced by the next generation of nuclear reactors, LMSR (Liquid Molten Salt Reactors), technology that is providing not only to be multiple times more efficient than conventional LWRs (Light Water Reactors) and HWRs (Heavy Water Reactors), but multiple times safer as well.

The very fact that no attendees of the COP27 seriously tabled next generation nuclear reactors and the need to construct more of them as the solution to their presented CO2 global warming problem exposes the fact that not a single one among them truly believes that human produced CO2 is the real basis behind global warming.

If they did, why would they choose to completely avoid discussing the best, most cost-efficient, and most reliant solution to this “problem”? Their refusal to discuss the best solution that is also “green” and that would greatly make energy more affordable instead of unaffordable for the entire world reveals that the man-made CO2 producing global warming narrative is a complete scam.

But more importantly  it reveals their completely sinister plot to deliberately push energy costs for everyone worldwide much higher in order to degrade our quality of life, which coincidentally perfectly fits with their current narrative that the serfs should get used to eating insects in the future due to less expendable income.

Even though very few people seem to care about this topic, I am baffled by people’s apathy about discovering the truth of this topic, as our apathy will definitely lead to a lower quality of life for all of us. It is time for us to take a stand, not in unity with the NATO agenda in Ukraine to destroy Russia, but against the WEF agenda to send our energy costs skyrocketing into unaffordable levels.

The only reason this agenda is being pushed very aggressively right now at the exclusion of nuclear energy is because 6 of the 8 top producers of uranium, the fuel for nuclear energy include the biggest economic threats to the Western MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex at this time,  Russia and China, or are generally considered allies of Russia and China: Kazakhstan, Namibia, Uzbekistan, and Niger. Though Canada and Australia are also among the top 8 uranium producers, the other 6 nations produce the lion’s share of all uranium at 78% production of all global uranium.

Thus, it is my conclusion that nuclear energy, the best, cheapest, most efficient form of energy to solve the world’s energy demand problems at the current time, is being entirely excluded from discussion due to the War Hawks of the MIB complex that would rather ensure that energy prices skyrocket and lead to Mad Max apocalyptic scenarios among the poor than to aggressively push the best solution for all of humanity.

And for all the Ukrainians that foolishly believe NATO has your best interests of heart, the fact that nuclear energy would be the best, most efficient solution to your energy woes but is being completely ignored by NATO because it does not serve their agenda of reshaping the future of the world economy should raise some serious red flags, as your nation heads down a path that will further the goals of the Western MIB complex but seal the economic demise of your nation.

I realize that many people still remain anti-nuclear energy because of the environmental disaster that occurred in Fukushima in March 2011 and because of outdated beliefs about the dangers of nuclear energy formulated from the “No Nukes” movements of the 70s. However, opposition due to the former mostly originates from no understanding of the conditions that gave rise to the Fukushima disaster, which happened not because of flaws in the design of modern generation nuclear reactors, as is widely believed, but due to construction of the Fukushima reactor not being up to standard due to massive corruption and bribery in the Japanese government.

It is time for all of us to not only educate ourselves about these matters but also to educate all others within our community about the facts as awareness is the first step in preventing WEF policy initiatives, happily carried out by our politicians, that will undoubtedly guarantee all of us a worse quality of life in the future. The clock has already begun to tick on energy matters and there is no time to waste.


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