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Amberlyn Hales Deleon owner and proprietor of The Cosmetic Wellness Center is showcased on this Podcast. Amberlyn is a local who is dedicated to how you look and feel about yourself. Along with bringing something very new and cool to Saginaw, she's trying to advance your well-being. The Cosmetic Wellness Center isn't a new concept, but Amberlyn is using modern ideas like all vegan based products and tattooing makeup. She makes all her products like bath bombs and soaps with much much more out of natural ingredients. That way if you're allergic or have problems with certain dyes or chemicals, you too can find a beauty product for women or men to help you. It's not just makeup.  If you have acne or skin problems and can't find a medicine over the counter, Amberlyn can help.  Stopping by and seeing Amberlyn at the Cosmetic Wellness Center will change how you look and feel and work.

Amberlyn herself is in that boat and she can't use many over the counter products, so she learned about alternative ways to address these issues. Now Amberlyn has made it her literal business to help people. Visit her at her shop The Cosmetic Wellness Center in Saginaw on Bay Raod next Bicycle Village and Game On. 

Call or go visit Amberlyn make an appointment !

Address: 5671 Bay Rd, Saginaw, MI 48604

Phone: (989) 341-3221




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