The 100 Club of Saginaw County

Now in 27th Year of Operation

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Repaying a debt.

That’s the mantra for one of the leading organizations in the region – The 100 Club of Saginaw County.

The 100 Club of Saginaw County, founded in 1996, was created to acknowledge and repay the people who have risked their lives to protect ours. The membership feels a sense of duty to those who ensure our safety.

The membership, which totals over 350 individuals from throughout the county, contribute money each year for the benefit of families of Saginaw-area police officers, firefighters and other county officers, as well as state and federal officers and agents who have been killed in the line of duty in Saginaw County.

There are more than 100 of these clubs throughout the nation, including the original club in Detroit which was founded in 1952.

“I joined at inception many years ago and did so out of respect for those who watch over me and my family and friends so we can feel safe in our home and community,” said the Hon. Patrick J. McGraw, Chief Judge of Saginaw County Probate Court, and a past president of the organization.

The members meet in January for its annual meeting, and again in May when they honor police officers and firefighters for heroism or other acts above and beyond the call of duty. Its main fundraiser is an annual golf outing and cookout held in June that is now in its 23rd year.

If a local law enforcement officer or firefighter is killed in the line of duty, representatives from the 100 Club visit the home within 24 hours and present the surviving spouse or immediate family with a check to cover immediate expenses.

Additionally, if a State of Michigan or federal officer is killed in the line of duty while working in Saginaw County, a one-time benefit is awarded to the family since the officers are also covered by other organizations.

“We have $3,000 in an envelope that’s in the safe at the Saginaw County’s 9-1-1 Authority,” explained McGraw. “If a death occurs, usually the president or his/her designee will go to the spouse to deliver the funds as an interim help to prepare for the funeral or expenses so cash is available immediately.”

“If they need more at that time, we can, but usually wait until after the burial and then meet with the family to see what their needs are or may be, added McGraw. “We may pay for a mortgage, tuition, clothing, or outstanding bills – all depending on need and circumstance. “

Officers of the 100 Club of Saginaw County include President John P. Sivey, Vice President Jeff Oppermann, Secretary Thomas A. Basil Jr., and Treasurer Phillip L. List. Directors include McGraw, David J. Abbs (past president), Chris Charlton, Michael Colby, Libby Kelly Dill, Frederick C. Gardner, Liz Gohm, Richard T. Watson IV, Randy Pfau, Gene C. Pickelman, and Randall R. Raymond.

The 100 Club of Saginaw County is a membership organization and its dues are used for its work with families. This is not charity. They are simply repaying a debt and looking out for those who have given their lives while they were looking out for us.

To join, please send your tax-deductible check in the amount of $200, payable to The 100 Club of Saginaw County, to P.O. Box 3593, Saginaw, MI 48605. Additional information can be obtained by visiting their website at Membership dues for The 100 Club are tax deductible. However, your deduction for tax purposes should be reduced by the value for each dinner you attend during the year.

By making a financial contribution, you can give those heroes peace of mind knowing that their families will be more financially secure in the event of their tragic death. You can give back a small portion of the sacrifice they have made for us. 

It is not an obligation. It is a responsibility.

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