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21st September, 2006     0

Dear That One Guy,

I have been reading your columns the last few issues, and finally got the guts to write.
I am a guy in my twenties who has a problem with the way I "present" in situations that are one on one with a woman.

My, "reaction" to the least little thing is evident in even the most innocent situations. I can't believe I am suddenly having the same problem most guys get over in high school. I have no idea what's causing it but I need help. I can't walk around "making my point" all the time. It's caused me some bad embarrassments, for example, like the last date I was on with a girl I really liked. She was very polite but I could tell she noticed. It was horrible for both of us.

Wanting to Feel Pointless in Saginaw

Dear Pointless,

Relax. This is normal. Guys go through the same types of hormonal changes women do. It happens well into the twenties, so don't find it so hard to believe. Look at it this way; your investment in Viagra is a long way off.

My gramps once gave me a wink and a word of advice I might pass along. "Take care of the urgent business first" he said "And you can take your time later."

So do just that. Prepare in that respect the same as you would with any of the other things you do to get ready to go out. Shower, shave, and shoot. Later, you'll find that you are a more relaxed, likeable guy who knows how to take his time.

You'll do fine.


Dear That One Guy,

If a girl is a virgin and has a date with a guy she knows has had a lot of experience, should she tell him up front that she's not going there?

No Intention

Dear NI,

Would be a bit presumptuous don't you think? I mean, reverse the circumstances: Say that you had a date with a guy who said to you right up front: "Gee, I know you've been around, so I am going to tell you right now that I am not putting out."
Wouldn't you want to deck him?

Try the date. You may like one another. Find a way in the conversation to interject some of the things that make you who you are; your likes and dislikes, your thoughts on the stories you hear on the news, your feelings on the way you see other people relate. Take that opportunity to get some perspective on him. When the time is right, then you may be honest and tell him that for moral reasons, you have chosen to abstain. You know the drill. He'll either call again or he won't, and you'll know when to move on.

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