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15th November, 2007     0

From Oh Yeah to Hellyeah local boys Tension Head rocked the Fillmore in Detroit. As an opener for metal supergroup Hellyeah, Tension Head did their job in warming up the crowd and creating tons of new fans along the way.

Singer C.P. Rossio kept the chatter to a minimum and just rocked the joint.. Tension head was the first of many local acts around the country to score an opening slot on the Balls, Volume and Steel tour featuring Bloodsimple, Otep and Hellyeah.

The tour opened in Detroit giving the Tension Head guys a leg up on the competition. Being the band that sets the standard for openers they did what was asked of them, they rocked the crowd. As they moved through their set the closing song Never Enough moved fans closer and closer to the stage, as the Fillmore wondered who this musical force was.

There wasn't a person in sight who wasn't bobbing their head or getting into the grove the guys laid down.

The combination was just right. Take one part stoner rock, one part straight up metal, one mad poetic female and 5 metal giants, Shake and pour and you have the perfect tour.

Every band on the bill went all out. For being the first date of a brand new tour the sound was great, the show was great and as always the fans were great.

The best part of all was the hometown boys in Tension head. They fulfilled the dreams of many bands in the area.

They came, saw and conquered Detroit Rock City.


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