Still Rockin' After All These Years

True Musical Diehards Still Cutting it Live On Stage

Posted In:   From Issue 871   By: Kathy Eber

29th November, 2018     0

Many of you may remember me, many may not.  I cut my teeth writing at The Review back in its early days from 1981 until 1986, before subsequently moving to Chicago.  Recently, I turned the page and celebrated one of those landmark birthdays that happen every decade. 

At first I was hesitant to make my age known here. Now I proudly own it.  After all, I can't be an old lady if I'm not a lady, right? So on Thanksgiving I will be something even better than 70.  I'll be 490 in dog years. Hell, my granddaughter is already 70 in dog years.

To fend off the ‘old lady’ jokes and also derive some inspiration, I’ve pulled together this list of musical artists and performers that are still rockin’ after all these years, which I hope you also find inspirational.

Oh yes - one final thought.  See this picture of The Beatles?  The alive guys are looking forward and backward. The dead guys are looking sideways. I'll leave you with a little advice. Don't look sideways.


Pete Townsend 73

Roger Daltrey 74

Rod Stewart 73

Robbie Robertson 75

Garth Hudson 81

Brian Wilson 76

Mike Love 77

Al Jardine 76

Patti Smith 71

Don Henley 71

Debbie Harry 73

Bob Dylan 77

Frankie Valli 84

Carly Simon 73

Neil Diamond 77

Jerry Lee Lewis 83

Loretta Lynn 86

Judy Collins 79

Emmylou Harris 71

Dion 79

Willie Nelson 85

Smokey Robinson 78

Little Richard 86

Dolly Parton 72

Phil Lesh 78

Jeff Lynn 70


James Taylor 70

Joe Walsh 71

Van Morrison 73

John Fogerty 73

Justin Hayward 72

John Lodge 73

Graeme Edge 77

Smokey Robinson 78

Rick Nielsen 71

Leonard Cohen 84

Mick Fleetwood 71

Stevie Nicks 70

Christine McVie 75

John McVie 73

Tommy James 71  

Carl Giammarese 71

Dennis Tufano 72

Peter Noone 71

Barry Manilow 75

Edgar Winter 71

Dennis DeYoung 71

Tom Doody 73

Jim ‘JC Hook’ Pilster 72

Eddie Levert 76

Walter Williams 75

Tony Bennett 92

Frankie Avalon 78

Roger Waters 75

Eric Clapton 73

Brian May 71

David Gilmour 72

Ozzie Osbourne 70 (Dec 3)

Buddy Guy 82

Elton John 71

Paul Simon 77

Art Garfunkel 77

Mick Jagger 75

Keith Richards 75

Charlie Watts 77

Bill Wyman 82

Paul McCartney 76

Ringo Starr 78

Iggy Pop 71

Eric Burdon 77

Donald Fagen 70

Al Green 72

Jackson Browne 70

David Crosby 77

Stephen Stills 73

Graham Nash 76

Neil Young 73

Robert Plant 70

Steven Tyler 70

Chuck Berry performed until he was 91; Fats Domino until he was 89.








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