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    icon Jul 16, 2020
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Best New Artist, Shadow People, is an amalgamation of Saginaw’s metal scene, with past members of Bloodshot Sunday, Miscreants, Ominous, andThe 2nd System comprising the lineup. The band’s debut album, recorded throughout 2019, is slated for a summer 2020 release. “As soon as we get this out, we already have another batch to go for the next album, so we're pretty much catching up with ourselves,” says vocalist Thom Prosser.

Savoring the recognition for this year’s virtual awards offered some consolation for the band, but like everything in 2020, it felt different than years past. “It would have been cool to have been [at a venue],” says Prosser. “I was looking forward to seeing the show and running into some cool people. We're all proud of our city and scene. There’s a lot of talent in this little area and it feels good to get recognized for doing what you love as well as being around people who feel the same.”

As for the band’s influences, they are vast, deep, and dark. “Horror movies, and books are a good start, but you don't have to look very far or even stretch your imagination to see and experience some pretty wild and crazy things in this world,” says Prosser. “Life, death, crime, drugs, the occult, mental illness, political unrest, love, hate and past experiences are all very useful fuel with an open mind. And sometimes the songs are just floating around and you can just pluck 'em outta the air.”

Prosser and band members Mark Genigeski (guitar), Jeff Terrian (drums), Shawn Yancer (guitar)and Derrick Fisher (bass) came together in 2018. Staying connected during the recent hiatus wasn’t too difficult, says Prosser. “Luckily we all live fairly close together and were able to send videos of riffs or ideas back and forth at first. Once the fear and hysteria subsided we were able to get in the same room.”

Shadow People will be filling the remainder of their 2020 calendar with as many shows as they can as they start work on album #2. “We have a lot of stuff in the vault that we need to tighten up and get out there,” says Prosser. 

“We just need to keep the ball rolling and crank out new songs, play more places, meet more people, jam with new bands, and just keep expanding ... because it seems that people are digging what we are doing and we're all having a blast, but we have a lot to accomplish. So come check us out! Have some drinks and let some rage out. Just because the world's gone completely insane doesn't mean there isn't a lot of fun to be had.”

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