Saginaw County Sports Hall of Fame

A Jewel in Downtown Saginaw

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22nd August, 2015     0

Saginaw, MI -   Boy was I surprised at what I found visiting the Saginaw Sports Hall of Fame.   Having been in the Great Lakes Bay region my entire life and knowing the rich sports history I was very pleased on what I found right in the middle of downtown Saginaw.   In the renovated Castle Museum is the wing dedicated to the history of sports in Saginaw County.  Both Bay County and Midland County have their Sports Hall of Fame but neither has a permanent home like Saginaw County does. 

Arriving at the Saginaw Sports HoF I was met by Jeffrey Cottrell the man in charge of the Sports Hall of Fame.   He took me on a quick tour and described each section of the Hall.   He even took me back in the storage area to show off some of the additional sports memorabilia that they have acquired and yet to be displayed.   Cottrell stated "One of the main goals of the Hall is to induct deserving individuals and sports teams into the Hall and given recognition."

The Hall is divided into several sections giving recognition to high school, professional, recreational and team sports stars.   Uniforms, gloves, bats, sticks, pucks, balls, hats, trophies, photo's and several different kinds of sports memorabilia fill the Hall proudly proclaiming Saginaw's sport history.   Admission to the Sports Hall of Fame is $1 dollar for adults and children only 50 cents which includes your visit to the Castle Museum.  All of the displays are well lit and tell the visitor the story behind that area of Saginaw sports history.  

What I found personally interesting was the list of inductees starting with the first class of 2002.   I knew of or had some type of contact with at least 3 of the inductees from each class.    On an average between 8 - 10 people are inducted each year along with at least one sports team at the annual banquet honoring them.   One will enjoy looking at the older artifacts that dot the displays through out the Hall.    I would encourage one to stop by and enjoy this great piece of Saginaw sports history.  


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