Saginaw Art Museum Second Annual Labor Day Picnic

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14th August, 2018     0

Saginaw, Michigan – The Saginaw Art Museum welcomed The Last Whistle sculpture one year ago, created by Ken Newman, into their permanent collection. The sculpture was donated to the Saginaw Art Museum by the Jury Foundation and will be permanently placed outdoors on a specially designed patio, in front of the museum.

The Last Whistle is a tribute to those ladies and gentlemen who worked with their hands, proud of what they produced. Personal ambitions were sacrificed to better provide security for their family. Many loved the occupation, others the quality of life. A time when a fair day’s pay equaled a modest family vacation, a college fund and retirement/security. The sculpture is a wonderful depiction of Saginaw’s blue-collar history and is a logical addition to the Saginaw Art Museum permanent collection. The artist, Ken Newman, is a widely celebrated artist whose work has received numerous awards and been displayed throughout the country at several fine art museums. 

A unique landscape at the front of the museum has been designed to show respect and appreciation for the blue-collar workforce. Comprised of brick pavers, the bricks are being sold to provide the platform for the sculpture.  The public is invited to honor their own laborer, share a special message or tribute by purchasing one of three sizes of bricks. Options of large, medium and small bricks range in pricing from $50- $250+ and can be engraved with a message or logo. To purchase a brick, please contact or by phone at 989-754-2491.

There will be a Labor Day free community picnic and dedication celebration, on Thursday, August 30th from 4:00pm-6:00pm at the Saginaw Art Museum.

The Saginaw Art Museum is a vibrant arts and cultural resource for Saginaw and the Great Lakes Bay Region. Since 1947, the Museum has brought more than 4,500 years of creativity to the area through visual, auditory and performance arts from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Housed in an historical 1904 Georgian-Revival mansion with Italianate gardens and two award-winning modern wings, the Museum has a permanent collection of art in excess of 2,000 objects, a dynamic exhibition program, a major art reference library, collaborative education programs, and special events. Various levels of membership offer access to the Saginaw Art Museum and its historic gardens as well as reciprocal benefits to more than 800 museums and 450 gardens throughout North America.

For additional information about membership and other events at the Saginaw Art Museum, visit the Museum’s website at or call 989.754.2491.


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