Projekt Revoltution Rolls Into Town

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It takes a lot to set you apart in the current music industry. With bands signing deals that entitle the record label to part of touring proceeds it's easy to see why so many festival tours are popping up.

At least 5 passed through Detroit this summer with some leaving a bigger mark than others. Point in case: Projekt Revolution, The Linkin Park brainchild that hosted one of the more eclectic line-ups of the summer.

The line-up was a smorgasbord of young talent and a who's who of the new millennium. With headliners Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and second stage acts Mindless Self Indulgence, Saosin and Madina Lake it was easy to see why Projekt Revolution is one of the highest selling tours of the summer.

Second stage headliners Mindless Self Indulgence gave the crowd a show. Widely known for their stage antics, MSI have long had a cult following. Projekt Revolution gave them a one-way ticket into the mainstream. Singer Little Jimmy Urine was all over the stage while bassist Lyn Z displayed amazing acrobatic feats doing a back bend while playing and never missing a beat.

The main stage bolstered great talent as well. Openers Julien-K was a pleasant surprise. Featuring members of Orgy the goth-electronic infused band scored many new fans on the day as they showed great stage presence.

Placebo was up next on the main stage. They were just as one would expect from a band that took a few year hiatus. Their show lacked something compared to the rest of the acts. Opening with their hit Pure Morning the band seemed to be anti-climatic. While fans in the audience relished in the opportunity to see the band live, I don't think many new fans were born.

The same definitely can't be said for Finlands, HIM. This is the band that many in the audience came to see and they brought their love metal to life on the stage. While embattled singer Ville Valo seemed to be very depressed, he did manage to crack a few smiles on the day. Thousands of girls in the crowd melted at the front man's good looks.

Up next was Taking Back Sunday. The band hailing from Amityville, Long Island, New York brought emo-infused rock to the stage with only a red curtain and their name in lights. They had by far the simplest stage on the tour.

My Chemical Romance was the first of the main stage acts to get the crowd going. With the most theatrical set of the day, Gerard Way and company tore through the songs Helena; I'm not okay (I promise) and new hits Welcome to the Black Parade and Teenagers.

Guitarist Frank Iero prompted an on stage altercation with Way. Amps and guitars got thrown and for a second one wondered if it was planned or spontaneous. The show continued on however and the crowd ate every minute of it up.

Headliners Linkin Park took to the stage to showcase pieces off of all 3 of their studio albums, including their newest release Minutes to Midnight.

From the first notes of opener One Step Closer to new hits like Bleed it Out it was easy to see why these guys are at the top of the rock game right now.

Singers Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda have great ability to draw the crowd into their palms. Whether it be the melodic The Little Things you Give Away, or the brutal Lying into you the crowd ate every minute up.

Projekt Revolution started a few years ago with the original line up featuring Linkin Park, Korn and Snoop Dogg. The tour is meant to bridge musical gaps.

While there wasn't a rap presence on the tour this year, many genres were well represented. The tour raised the bar for next year's summer tours. With a line-up featuring many of today's hottest rock acts one can definitely say that Linkin Park is one step closer to taking over the rock world.

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