Poetry in Brutality

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Every few years a band comes out with a sound that is equal parts cutting edge and familiar.  With haunting melodic vocals, brutal guitar riffs and thundering drums, Gemini Syndrome is just that.  Composed of Vocalist Aaron Nordstrom, Guitarists Rich Juzwick and Mike Salerno, bassist Alessandro Paveri and drummer Brian Steele Medina, Gemini Syndrome has years of musical experience.

Nordstrom used to play guitar for metal staples Otep.  His foray into lead vocals is nothing short of amazing.  He sings about things like spirituality, the illuminati, love and betrayal.  He has a way of channeling every emotion into one beautiful melodic yet fierce sound.  The result is impressive in a day where Metal is synonymous with cookie monster vocals.

The band released their 1st major label album Lux in September of 2013 on Warner Brothers records.  The album is a great representation of the band’s sound.  Bringing both chugging guitars and thunderous drums together while Nordstrom sings his brand of melodic ethereal metal.  One only needs to listen to the single Stardust to hear exactly what Gemini Syndrome is all about. 

Gemini Syndrome is about to head out on tour with road dogs Sevendust. That tour stops at the Machine Shop on August 5th.  Shortly after they will be gracing the stage at Dirt Fest. 

Review Magazine talked to Singer Aaron Nordstrom about what we can expect from the show and where they draw their influences from as well as how it helps that the band not only creates together but also reside with each other. 

Review:  You guys have a sound that is equal parts familiar and unique. What do you think it is that makes you sound different from other bands but at the same time commercial enough for rock radio?

Aaron: We're doing our own thing - there’s a certain science to music. It's absolutely math in a way but what changes it is feel. Emotion. True care. I think that's what has resonated with people. We really give a shit about the music we play and the message we give.

Review:  Having come out of the L.A. music scene and being dubbed the next big thing, do you feel there is added pressure from the media?

Aaron: Not really. I suppose in some way there has been some kind of expectation from us because of the labels people have assigned to us but at the end of the day, I and WE want to write good music. Music people will give a shit about. Something people can identify with. So in that sense I think we will continue to do what we do the way we do it. I think that resonance will continue to chime with people because it’s fucking real.

Review: You guys are about to head out on tour with Sevendust. What can the Synners expect from this tour?

Aaron: The Synners can expect me (I only wanna speak for me here) to be insanely excited. 7dust is one of my favorite bands of my lifetime. To share the road and stage is only going to pump pure adrenaline and endorphins through me so I would expect an insane show. If there are any pit bosses out there, watch out.  I may come play with you during the set.

Review:  How is touring with Gemini Syndrome different then with other bands?

Aaron: I'm not sure it is. Tour is hard. You're away from home. You sleep in tenuous circumstances, if you sleep at all. Hands down though, we do this and we love it.

Review:  You guys have made it known that you work as more of family then band. How does this influence you musically?

Aaron: It creates a communication that doesn't always happen. I've written with so many people in my life and have created great songs with them but there is something special about writing music with the people you are close to. It gives a certain energy that cannot be forged. Cannot be faked. Even if I'm pissed at one of the guys, or they're pissed at me, or whatever, there is a "thing" that's there and we commune with it and it somehow creates music. And thank god for it.

Review: Where do you draw your musical inspiration in terms of influences, beliefs etc.

Aaron: Everyone has his or her own belief system. We all come from different faiths and backgrounds but I think that gives us more diversity in our writing. Drawing from such a vast collective of resources. It breeds creativity and forces us to see things from other points of view. Hence, making more creative shit.

Review: What do you hope fans take away from your music?

Aaron: I hope people are inspired. I hope the music helps people to come into their own. I struggle with all sorts of bullshit. Anxiety, depression, etc. music is my therapist. It's my Sifu. It's my guide. I hope that me spilling some crap on a page and then later on a tape or hard drive helps someone else to feel better. To feel ok. To just live and be happy with the fact that they are here, and going to die, but not yet.  We are still in this beautiful moment. I get to write their answers. Hopefully someone reads then. In that fact alone, it's beautiful. We get to do this. We get to live, love, and then hopefully love some more.

I for one am inspired but this band.  It has been a while since I have heard anything that makes my ears twitch in anticipation.  Gemini Syndrome is definitely on the cutting edge of the metal scene of this decade. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this performance at Dirt Fest. 

It may just blow your mind like it did mine.  

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