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27th March, 2008     0

I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing it was to read about your investigation into what happened to the city snowplows this past winter. The fact City Manager Earley refused to answer your questions and cancelled your meeting is symptomatic of the crisis at City Hall.  And the response of city council members was pathetic.

Morale at City Hall is at an all time low.  The City of Saginaw is currently without a Fiscal Services Director.  Department heads are paid large salaries and in some cases have less than a half dozen people working under them.

You were on the right track, Mr. Martin, with your attempt last year on the Saginaw Charter Commission to instill an Ombudsman and demand accountability at City Hall.  But as with most efforts that are ahead of their time, I'm afraid that while your work was not compensated and under-appreciated by the electorate, it was certainly significant and will prove to be so in years to come.

City Insider
(Name withheld by request)


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