Nashville Artist Bruce Isaacson to Play the Sawmill July 15-16

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To heat up the summer The Sawmill Bar & Grill will be hosting Nashville recording artist Bruce Isaacson at their new outdoor bar on Friday & Saturday, July 15 & 16 from 7:00 – 11:00 PM.

Talent is not inexplicable; it is often genetic. And when those talent genes get properly nurtured the result is something to behold, as is definitely true with Bruce Isaacson.
Bruce’s family contains seven generations of musicians, including his grandfather, a concert cellist for the Dallas symphony. Originally from Vermont, Bruce started his music career by moving to Texas at age 17 with his brothers, Peter and John, also songwriters and solo artists. He spent his formative years with them in large clubs and ‘kicker joints’, singing backup harmonies and playing bass & drums. During those first eight years of his career, his influences were primarily his brothers, singers/songwriters Shake Russell, Willis Allen Ramsey, Michael Murphy, Joe Ely and Dana Cooper.
Bruce then returned to Vermont, co-fronting a duo with his brother John. He sang and played guitar and bass in small clubs, at concerts and at outdoor festivals over a period of 15 years. Bruce left Vermont in 1996 in search of a warmer climate. For a year he played solo and in a four-piece band in the Carrribean, including St. John’s, St Barth’s and St. Thomas.
When Bruce left the Islands, he landed in the Florida Keys, working as a soloist in Tiki bars and small clubs. Here he came across Red Seidman, whose name and reputation he recalled from 25 years before when they played in the same venues in Vermont. Once reunited, Bruce and Red worked together for 7 years, becoming one of the hottest acts in the Florida Keys. Their shows routinely packed the house at some of the most popular venues in the Keys, including the world famous Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West. In a tragic twist of fate, Red passed away unexpectedly in November 2007.
In spite of Red’s passing, Bruce continued to play throughout the Keys, enjoying both popularity and success as a solo artist. In recent years Bruce’s exceptional talent has brought him as far East as Martha’s Vineyard and as far North as Hubbard Lake, Michigan.
Throughout his career Bruce has shared the stage with such music legends as Dave Mason, Suzanne Vega, NRBQ, Ronnie Milsap and Jon Anderson, just to name a few. Bruce’s extensive experience in songwriting and arranging and his incredible voice and talent on the guitar allow him to create a powerful, engaging performance with a unique sound.
From gritty Delta Blues to pure country wrist-slashers, Bruce transforms each performance into something special. His original material is an added bonus that will leave you yearning for more.
The Sawmill is located at 19 Sawmill Blvd., Saginaw.


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