Miguel Cabrera chasing the Triple Crown award and MVP

Record year for Tigers 3rd basemen

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Detroit Tiger superstar Miguel Cabrera is having a season that one won't soon forget.   Even though Cabrera has already lead the American League in RBI's in 2010 and was the A.L. Batting Champ in 2011 with a .344 average this will be the season that everyone will remember.   With only two games to play in 2012 he leads in all 3 categories Home Runs, RBI's and Batting Average.   He is a lock to also win the American League (MVP) Most Valuable Player award.  The Triple Crown hasn't been achieved in MLB since 1967 by Boston's Carl Yastrzemski. 

The numbers that he is putting up are mind numbing so far.  He has over 200 hits, 44 Home Runs, 137 RBI's and a .329 batting average.  The only person close to Miguel in any area is Texas's Josh Hamliton with 43 home runs.  Even if they would in a tie for 1st place Miguel could still claim the Triple Crown award.  This is one of baseball's toughest awards to win.  Something that hasn't been done in 45 years.  

Cabrera has reaped the rewards of free agent pick-up in 2012 in the name of Prince Fielder who has responded with Triple Crown numbers himself.  He is batting over .300 and knocked over 30 home runs and 100 RBI's with a couple of games to play.  Prince Fielder has played in over 440 games straight with the longest active streak in the Majors.   All of this has given Miggy much better pitches to swing at.

Batting in the #3 slot all season long has given Cabrera many good pitches to look at and wait out for some good pitching.  Major Leauge pitchers  are now walking Cabrera instead of taking chances with him.   It should be very interesting in the 2012 MLB Playoffs that will start on Friday October 5 with the Wild Card games in both Leagues.  The Divisional Playoffs start the next day on October 6, 2012.

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