Midwestern – The Very Best of Stewart Francke 1995-2015

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Originally from Saginaw, now longtime Detroit native and blue-eyed soul singer-songwriter Stewart Francke has released his third successful crowd-funded album called Midwestern – The Very Best of Stewart Francke 1995-2015” that has eighteen songs, including two previously unreleased tracks; “Shimmer” and “Simone”.

Francke’s clear and classic voice is compared to Marvin Gaye and Brian Wilson, where I say it meets up with Rod Stewart. Francke also plays guitars, bass, keys and percussion. Well over fifty musicians are on the credits of these songs.

Compiled from twenty years of studio albums, every single song seems chosen to be the very best from his best. There is the Bruce Springsteen featured vocal duet on the song “Summer Soldier” that starts out the track list. The Funk Brothers totally imprint their sound on “Motor City Serenade”. Mitch Ryder shares the vision “Upon Seeing Simone”. It’s hard to not mention Billy Brandt’s mandolin and background vocals, Susan Calloway and Jill Jack vocals along with the Regular Boys Horn Section. There are simply far too many great musicians to list.

Hearing the song “Drive North” can nearly be felt like any given Friday; “…In the early haze I saw a young Blue Heron flyin up the river bed/In my early days I grew up on Lake Huron in a time so different/I’ve got no baggage, no reputation/I’m just a seeker passin’ through/I drive north, around here we drive north/Drive north!”

Who hasn’t either seen or been here -  “Upon Seeing Simone”; “Another new year at the bottom of the Body Shop/we were waitin’ to toast our dull little lives/when the wind blew her in from the corner of the parking lot/I knew there’d be trouble when I glanced at the wives.”

Stewart Francke’s website offers visitors a free download of his song “Sam Cooke’s on the Radio”; “…Turn it up; that’s Otis Redding on the radio singin’ Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa. / Sam Cooke’s on the radio and the world is rushin’ by/The wind blows off the water warm and girl you’re makin’ me high…” Free Download Here: http://stewartfrancke.com/music/sam-cookes-on-the-radio/

Midwestern – The Very Best of Stewart Francke 1995-2015” was self-released in January of 2015 on Blue Boundary Records. Forgot to mention Francke is a long time leukemia survivor who raises funds and awareness for all kinds of cancer causestoo.

Check into his passion for sharing on his website.

Stewart Francke’s Website: http://stewartfrancke.com/

On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/sfrancke2

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sfrancke

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