Major League Baseball honor 4 greatest living Players

Aaron, Bench, Koufax and Mays picked as greatest

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16th July, 2015     0

Cincinnati, Ohio -     Major League Baseball honored the 4 greatest living baseball players before the 86th MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati on Tuesday evening.    In front of the sold out crowd at the Great American Ballpark the four were introduced before the start of the Mid-Summer Classic .   They all received a standing ovation in front of the oldest baseball franchise.    However there was a roar heard by Johnny Bench that had to mean a lot to him to be considered one of the four greatest living players. 

There was debate on who the four would be before they were introduced to the crowd.    Mays and Aaron were two given players based on their lifetime accomplishments.   However the others who were in consideration were players like Nolan Ryan, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Pete Rose to name a few.   But I don't think that you would get an argument on these four fine ambassadors for the game of baseball.   It was very fitting for those in attendance to get a chance to see some of their boyhood idols in person.   


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