Little Brown Jug Banquet

Happening October 23rd at The Castle Museum

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The classic junior varsity Little Brown Jug football game has been a featured event between Arthur Hill and Saginaw High Schools since 1922. Sponsored by The Downtown Saginaw Lions Association, who created this event two years after it was chartered in 1920; the inception of the game was for young men who were reserve players to compete among their own ranks. This eventually evolved into junior varsity.


The game developed into a showcase for freshmen football players from both schools to show their skills before the varsity coaching staffs, as well as gain bragging rights of being the best junior varsity team in Saginaw.


Chester Kerscheski, a former Arthur Hill player, founded the Little Brown Jug Banquet for the junior varsity teams as a way to recognize and support the underclassmen. Traditionally the banquet was held weeks after the game, but was moved to the day prior to the game in order to crate excitement among the players.


This annual tradition will happen this year on October 23rd at The Castle Museum in Downtown Saginaw at 8:00 PM.  Featured speaker will be Judge MT Thompson, who played in the game in 1966.  The game will take place the following Thursday (October 24that Saginaw High.


For more information contact John Senyko at the Saginaw Downtown Lions Club at 860-8837.

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