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21st September, 2006     0

Advice to 'That One Guy'

Dear That One Guy;

Commenting on '4 Tips' given to 'Still Married Barely', it's very simple. His wife misses his FRIENDSHIP that was once part of their courting relationship. She's not been replaced by "the guys, work, sports, beer, whatever" and she misses him. Her heart is beginning to break as she watches what she enjoyed the most about him - his friendship with and to her - dissolve, and her broken heart is slowly icing over.

Re: 'Better Than You' - invite her to write the female perspective on your reader's questions! Personally, I think your advice is sword-cut-thru- the bull on the games people too much love to play. Enough with the games. Life is getting shorter by the minute.

Keep your sword sharp, and I see that you do anyway! Good.

Richville, Mi.


Dear Editor;

As president of the Saginaw League of Women Voters, I am writing to urge everyone to vote NO on Proposal two. This deceptive proposal is a step backward and would eliminate valuable programs that give women and minorities the opportunity to succeed.

  • Programs encouraging minority youth to attend college
  • Fair housing and lending programs that prevent discrimination
  • Programs encouraging women and men to enter non-traditional professions
  • Even gender-based health screenings could be affected

Historically, women have benefited the most from affirmative action programs. Our generation fought for the changes that today's women take for granted, and Proposal 2 would roll back years of progress. When it passed in California a decade ago, the doors of opportunity slammed shut.

In today's global economy, Michigan benefits from a diverse workforce, and women's skills and talents will be indispensable. Full access to opportunity strengthens not only the women, but also their families, their communities, and the entire state.


Sherrill Smith
Saginaw, Mi.

Act Would Create Thousands of New Jobs for Alternative Energy In Michigan

The Apollo Alliance and The Economic Policy Institute released a new report this month on jobs created by alternative energy legislation that U. S. Senator Debbie Stabenow has sponsored in the Senate. The report finds that more than 29,000 new jobs would be created in Michigan by provisions included in the Clean EDGE Act (S.2829). Michigan would rank third in the nation in terms of jobs created by alternative energy investments.
"Investments in alternative energy will create thousands of jobs in Michigan," Stabenow said. "That's why this new report is great news for us."

Michigan has lost nearly 300,000 manufacturing jobs since 2000. According to the Apollo Alliance/Economic Policy Institute report, if the Clean EDGE Act were fully implemented by 2009, it would create 530,000 jobs in the U.S. Nearly half of these new jobs would be created in manufacturing.

"Americans are looking forward to a future where we buy fuel produced in the Midwest instead of the Middle East," Stabenow said. "It is also clear our energy independence plans mean jobs for the future. Michigan has the innovators, the engineers and the talented workforce that makes it the perfect place to develop these new technologies and jobs.

The report is available online at www.apolloalliance.org

Environmentalist Doug Peacock Returns to Saginaw

The 303 Collective, producer of progressive theatre and visual arts, is sponsoring a book reading by the famed grizzly bear expert and radical environmentalist Doug Peacock, on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 at 7:00 pm, at the Andersen Enrichment Center, 120 Ezra Rust Dr., Saginaw. The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

Peacock, who grew up in Saginaw before serving two tours as a Green Beret medic in Vietnam, gained fame (and infamy, depending on your viewpoint) as the not-so-willing model for George Washington Hayduke in Edward Abbey's ecological call-to-arms, The Monkey Wrench Gang. Peacock comes to terms with his long and turbulent friendship with Abbey in his new book Walking it Off: A Veteran's Chronicle of War and Wilderness.  After decades of filming, defending, and living with grizzly bears in Montana and Wyoming, Peacock has gained respect and fame around the world as one of the foremost experts on these majestic and embattled creatures.

His books Grizzly Years: In Search of the American Wilderness and The Essential Grizzly: The Mingled Fates of Men and Bears, co-written with his wife and fellow author Andrea Peacock, are considered to be at the top of the short list of the genre. His numerous articles have appeared in Outside, Audubon, Men's Journal and National Geographic Adventures.

Our Litigious Society

Los Angeles psychologist Michael Cohn filed a lawsuit in May against the Los Angeles Angels baseball team because he didn't get a red nylon bag that the team was giving to women for 'Family Sunday' on Mother's day last year.

Carlos the Jackal, who is perhaps the world's most notorious terrorist and is serving life in prison in France, filed a lawsuit earlier this year against the head of French intelligence for illegally capturing him while he was sedated in a liposuction clinic in Khartoum, Sudan, in 1994.

Garrett Sapp filed a lawsuit in July seeking compensation for injuries form a 2004 auto accident in West Des Moines, Iowa, in which Christopher Garton's car, turning, hit Sapp's because Garton's attention was diverted (according to a police report) by the oral sex he was receiving from his wife.

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