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As president of the Saginaw County Hall of Fame, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Review for the wonderful coverage you gave for Harold Evans. He was truly one of a kind, so interesting and colorful. And when it came to standing up for his nominations for the Hall of Fame, he would stand his ground for year after year, an indomitable force - and what a wonderful conversationalist and speaker; always in his most dramatic style.
I also got the membership push for the Torch Club and for also serving on the advisory board at HealthSource. I hated to let him down by informing him that I was already on too many boards and commissions. There's just no replacement for such a man, and the memorial gathering at Horizon Conference Center surely did him justice. It was very moving. Again, thanks for your thoughtful coverage of Harold Evans and his importance to our community.
Tom Mudd

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