Letter to the Editor 12/6/12

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06th December, 2012     0

Post Election Thoughts
Experience teaches that the first problem in any job is starting - with delays involving often unsound excuses as has been the case with Congress. Outside of Washington, if any middle-class worker had such an anemic record, it would be a one-way ticket to the unemployment line.
Those elected - make that hired - to do the people's work haven't earned their salaries because their interests lie in partying - as in blindly following party leaders listening mainly to special interests and those refusing to adapt to reality.  In the real world of commerce, such non-performers wouldn't survive.
Consider the statement several years ago by Republican House leader Mitch McConnell that his party's goal was to defeat President Obama - not to create jobs or grow the economy.
The kindest observation of such prejudiced and selfish inflexibility is that it lacked common sense. McConnell and his minions now should understand - as voters did - that properly-managed government is crucial - as was demonstrated in the federal response to damage done by Hurricane Susan.
Outmoded “Tea Party” mentality fails in the face of this century's certainties.  Congress must accept the fact - as President Obama noted to a Chicago crowd after his re-election - that “we've got more work to do.”  Much to its discredit, the “we,” hasn't included Republicans who have bent to pressure groups pushing right wing ideology. The GOP has acted as if it abhors evolution in any form - including that involving economic security for the less fortunate.
Congress must start working to help the middle class, the poor and those of us who want progress, not uncompromising political obstructionism. Members are long overdue to prove they are worthy of the tax money we pay them.
Chris Thompson * Thomas Township


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