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Entrepreneurial Duo Building Revenue for Non-Profits

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During uncertain economic times it can benefit anyone to save a buck here and there. The most obvious way is to cut back; less eating out, less entertainment, less spending altogether.

But there is a better way to save money without needing to compromise on your dining and entertainment opportunities. As they say, don't cheat yourself, treat yourself!

The 2011 Smart Card is a beautiful masterpiece of savings arranging thousands of dollars of value that appeals to varied interests, offering over $3,500 of savings at over 80 restaurants in the greater Tri City area.

Filled with buy one meal and two drinks, and receive the second meal free, this is great for couples, co-workers, or just friends grabbing a bite to eat, while getting more value out of life for less money. After all, everybody's got to eat, so why not save money when you do eat out?

If you are a golfer, it's not hard to see the value of over $1,000 in buy one get one free golf deals. Considering you're not going to golf alone, why not treat yourself to a deal at a couple different driving ranges to practice that swing. Don't golf, but at that price might be interested? There is even a buy one-get one free deal for golf lessons. It may be getting cold now, but you can definitely be prepared for next season, because this Smart Card doesn't expire until November of 2011.

The Entertainment and Professional Services card is great for the entire family, filled with numerous buy one get one free deals from Roller Skating, to bowling, Go Carts, Miniature Golf, Laser Tag, the new Roller Coaster at Kokomo's, Paintball, Children's Zoo at Celebration Square, and even Mid Michigan Children's Museum!

Started by Kim and Sandy Mason back in 1995, with an idea for developing an effective means for local charities to raise revenue, the first group the duo worked with was the New Hope Center in Saginaw. "We owned a car rental company and would get five people per day coming to ask for contributions," explains Kim. "Sandy and I decided we would devise a means to bring businesses and charities together, so developed the idea for Smart Card. It took off right away."

Today the team is constantly adding new charities and non-profits to the fold and has started working with schools on various fund-raising projects.

The Smart Card is filled with value and fun for anybody and everybody, plus it makes a great stocking stuffer over the holiday season. Additional opportunities include 7 bowling alleys with buy-one-get-one-free bowling with unlimited use with the Smart Card.

Looking to pamper yourself? The Health & Beauty Services included in Smart Card off numerous deals for tanning, haircuts, manicures, facials, and even make-up. And who can't use a deal for 50% Off Brake Pads & Shoes?

Throw in $60.00 of general merchandise coupons for Meijers, another $60.00 for coupons at Gordon Food Services, twelve Car wash coupons at Car Wash Village and another 12- Super Duper Car Wash $4.00 coupons for Fast Eddies, and its easy to see how the Smart Card offers an opportunity for everybody.

All you need to do to obtain the Smart Card is go to www.rgesmartcard.com and purchase the Smart Card today for only $25! To boot, its even free shipping with no extra fees, containing $8,000 in value for a mere $25.00.

The simple question arises: with a resource like this, why not get more for much less and help worthwhile charities in the process?

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