L.I.F.E. Music Entertainment: Terrence Shells & Sam Hunter Take The Art of Promotion to New Levels

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Competition among promoters in this region of Michigan is tough, and this category featured the five promoters who are responsible for nearly all of the hip-hop events in the tri-cities. Taking home the award was L.I.F.E. Music Entertainment, founded as a record company by Terrence Shells and Sam Hunter in 2006. Shells, CEO, threw their first event in 2008 and since then L.I.F.E. (standing for Lyrics Influenced From Experience) has operated as both a music label and an event planner.

Though he was born and raised in Carrollton, Shells currently lives in Pontiac.

However, he is committed to Saginaw and to making positive and fun things happen here, which is why he throws all of his parties in this area. He’s hosted events at the Dow Event Center, French Quarters, Players Club, and the Prime Event Center, just to name a few places. And there has been diversity in what he has offered, from White Affairs, where everyone dresses in all white, to an event featuring NBA star Jason Richardson djing, to the recent classic soul show featuring The Stylistics and The Manhattans that took place on Easter Sunday.

Shells explains why he thinks they took the award: “I think that we just put on good events and we make everyone feel welcome. We never try to be bigger than the event. You have to stay humble and always make the people who come out and support feel appreciated so they will want to come out and support the next event.” They could not do what they are doing without the people coming to the events, and they’re very grateful to their supporters.

Shells was not able to attend the Review Awards, but DJ Prince, who he has often worked together with, accepted the award in his place. “DJ Prince called me and told me I won. At first I thought he was joking because I hadn’t realized we made it to the final round. But he explained it all to me and I was really excited,” he says. “I was glad DJ Prince and Bruce Poindexter were there when the award was given out, because if it wasn’t for them L.I.F.E. would not have won this award. We put a lot of hard work into this and I am glad we were recognized for it.”

Though L.I.F.E. will continue to throw parties and promote events, Shells says we will be hearing more from the music side of the company in the next year. “We have some upcoming projects from Yung Dre tha Hope and Nae Smiles. Also, be on the lookout for DJ Young Mase. He is the official DJ for D-12, and he’s ready to take over the game!”

Always enthusiastic and upbeat, Shells ends the interview with a promise: “It’s going to be a very good year for 2010 and beyond for L.I.F.E. Music Entertainment—the parties are going to be bigger and better, so watch out!”

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