It’s Official: Michigan AG Weighs In On Clarity Of Medical Marijuana Law

Bill Schuette Changes Gears

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31st March, 2011     0

Formally weighing in on Michigan’s Medical Marijuana law, Attorney General Bill Schuette has finally put to rest the matter of purported “haziness” in the law enacted by voters in 2008.  Ironically, his statements run contrary to the ceaseless rhetoric often voiced by certain civic and law enforcement leaders across the state, and further echoed by corporate media outlets.

Intervening in a Traverse City criminal case, People v Koon, Schuette’s office submitted an amicus curiae brief, stating that, “The MMMA is unambiguous, and Michigan law consistently holds that, when reading such a statute, ‘no further judicial construction is required or permitted, and the statute must be enforced as written.’"

He further opined, “The MMMA lays out in clear terms what it permits and what it prohibits.”

These statements are a far cry from what has transpired under a pretentious “lack of clarity" in earlier instances, especially with Schuette's move to turn over confidential medical records to the DEA if the Feds are willing to protect state officials from violating privacy provisions of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. I had to read them several times over to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood them, or the context.
With his proclamation in the brief, “The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer of the State of Michigan…” it seems prudent for Mr. Schuette to exercise leadership by directing his subordinates in law enforcement roles to respect the letter of this law, as well as to respect the rights of those individuals enveloped by the protections it bestows.
Then again, history and current events clearly show that Schuette can’t necessarily be relied on to do what’s appropriate; but rather, only that which serves his personal schemes.  He hasn’t remained true to the political principles that he supposedly subscribes to, and that says more than words can convey. Ideologically all over the map, defined by his agenda du jour, Schuette like so many other contemporary politicians has proven to be a “conservative” in name only, and most often a “government knows best” statist in actuality.
But I’d like to commend Mr. Schuette for finally concluding what still seems to escape many others in leadership roles at every level of government.


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