Introducing 'The Treble Chef' • New Hybrid Food Truck Merges Music & Food Together

Melissa Curry's Brilliant New Venture Brings the Best Things in Life Directly to You

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“If music be the food of love, play on.”  - William Shakespeare, Twelfth  Night

If music is informed by our personal experiences, blended with our collective experience, and performed or listened to in order to nourish our soul, than noted and gifted Saginaw musician Melissa ‘Mel’ Curry has concocted a brilliant recipe for bringing food & music - two of the best things in life - together.

Known to many as a formidable musician with an impressive depth and range who this year won The Review’s music award for ‘Best Female Blues Vocalist’, Melissa has worked with top-notch groups in the Great Lakes Bay region such as Avenue Five, while also performing  regularly as a duo with her close friend, the equally gifted Michelle O’Neal.

But thanks to an inspirational burst of imagination, now Melissa is embarking upon a new venture that literally brings food and music together with the unveiling of her brilliant new commercial, culinary, and musical enterprise quite cleverly called The Treble Chef.

In a nutshell The Treble Chef functions as a moveable feast allowing patrons to create any type of menu they desire and match it with any type of live music they would like to feature at their next party or gathering.  

After purchasing and properly equipping a food truck which she modified by adding a stage that can accommodate anything from DJ’s to live solo & duo artists to 5-piece bands, Curry hopes to utilize the numerous musical friends and artists she has cultivated throughout our regional music scene over the years, and then match them up with the many professional chefs that she also is able to draw upon.

“There is nothing like this in our area - or anywhere for that matter,” she enthusiastically declares, “and the idea is to have a full kitchen so any chef I know from various restaurants in the region such as Pasong’s or Artisan Urban Bistro  can climb on board and cook.  Additionally, I can draw upon my musical contacts to put together a musical menu that will match and accommodate the entertainment needs of any party or gathering. If you’re looking at holding a Mexican-style event, we can prepare tacos and feature Tejano music; if you’re looking to do a barbecue we can provide talented Blues bands and artists throughout the region.”

“We can specialize both the food and the entertainment to any occasion and keep it changing all the time, because I don’t want The Treble Chef to feature just one thing, or deal with just one type of menu item.  Somebody may want us to cater fresh salads and wraps, or somebody else may be looking for a good Country band and some smoked pulled pork - the possibilities are endless.”

When asked how she got the inspiration for The Treble Chef, Curry is openly candid. “I was newly sober for four months and saw a few food trucks for sale and was on a weight-loss program and could never find anything good and fresh with low-carb fare on any food trucks, so when I saw this BBQ truck for sale all of a sudden I envisioned a stage and the idea stuck in my head and never left me.”

“I ate and slept with this idea and started researching it and realized that while they have stage trucks and food trucks out there, you can’t find the two of them together,” she continues. “I was recovering from a difficult period in my life, after surviving cancer surgery and then a car accident, so met with friends and talked with them about the idea, and it was difficult because I still had to make payments on the truck while also getting it rigged properly, but now I am finally ready to launch.”

Curry says she needs about $10,000 to get the truck totally completed and is also looking for possible investors to help her brand and expand her idea. 

“It’s time to roll it out and get a revenue stream forming, so right now I’m offering it to friends and acquaintances so we can get all the bugs worked out.  If anybody wants to have a party, or any restaurants or bars would like to feature something in their parking lots during the summer, I encourage them to give us a shot.  We can price the food and entertainment to any size occasion.”

Melissa says until she gets things rolling she is going to function more as a caterer at first, featuring prepared items such as desserts and showcasing the talents from different kitchens throughout the region.    “We can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 400 people and if any business wants to feature us , or have us come to their location, people can order food and enjoy music right from the back of the truck!” 

“This region is jumping with amazing food and music,” concludes Curry, “and I’ve always said there’s something in the water here that gives us so much talent, but another reason I’m hoping this will work is because live music is kind of getting pushed back to the wayside again, so I’d like to bring it back to the forefront.” 

“People like to be outdoors right now and everything is changing. After COVID, people want to be outside more, so I think this is a great way to showcase all the great music and food we are blessed to have in this region.”

To contact The Treble Chef you can call Melissa Curry at 989.573.0558 or each her at

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