Hell's Half Mile: Spit-N-Spin 2 at the Empire Room

HHM Does Hip Hop

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12th July, 2017     0

There is perhaps no greater influence on modern pop culture than that of hip-hop music. It is with this fact in mind that Hell's Half Mile celebrates the fashion, beats, rhythms and rhymes of independent hip-hop at their second SPIT N' SPIN concert event. In addition to Lightnin' Licks Vinyl Preservation Society spinnin' classic cuts from their extensive catalogue of hip-hop LPs, some of the most accomplished underground artists from the Mitten State and beyond will be sharing a stage in the Empire Room on July 14.

The players:

RED PILL is known far and wide as "the patron saint of a poisoned world. The blue-collar Michigan emcee writes spiteful chants for the permanently scarred, death letters for the forgotten, surly hymns from charcoal lungs." https://youtu.be/OCXZv7X5gO8

Baltimore-based "talk-singer" and podcaster HEIGHT KEECH is guaranteed to bring flavor to AND place flowers behind the ears of any Bay Citian willing to listen, with love from the city that reads. https://youtu.be/sSH6VlUZGqY

One-half of revered HHM alumni Passalacqua, MISTER, is back doing his thing before he does his other thing(s). Some of said things include rapping about omelets and/or hummus. Delicious. https://youtu.be/Kujd3sktCiU

Excessively prolific Detroit born and bred producer/emcee DOC ILLINGSWORTH has just released his debut LP entitled 'Worth The Wait'. Never has an album title rang more true than with this syrupy and soulfully produced effort. https://soundcloud.com/streetcornermusic/illingsworth-kings-worth-the-waith-103015?in=streetcornermusic%2Fsets%2Fillingsworth-worth-the-wait

Versatile, technically savvy CoOwnaz producers Eddie Logix and Pig Pen have teamed up to form MEGA POWERS. Together they craft chilling and somber electronic soundscapes that captivate audiences and prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with in both EDM and Hip-Hop circles. http://www.detroitmusicmag.com/mega-powers-winterludes/

Show starts at 8:00 PM.  $5.00 cover charge at the door.

- Brendon "Deon" Baranek - Hell's Half Mile Committee


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