Great Lakes Loons starting a 16 year old at Pitcher

Julio Urias begins professional baseball journey with Loons

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31st May, 2013     0

16 year old pitching sensation Julio Urias is starting for the Great Lakes Loons of the Class A Midwest League in Midland, Michigan.  Urias was signed by the Los Angeles Dodger as a free agent in August 2012.   He would be making his second start for the Loons following a 3 inning stint and getting 6 strikeouts. 

The 5'11" left handed pitcher is one of the key international free agent signings by the Dodgers in 2012.  Julio will turn 17 years old on August 12th this year.  I was looking forward to seeing Julio in action for myself.   Well Urias pitched 3 2/3 innings tonight in the 2nd start of his young career.    His pitches ranged on the radar gun from 89 to 92 for the short work tonight.  

Urias would end up without a decision leaving with a 1-1 tie in the top of the 4th inning.   He showed good presence tonight on the mound.   He picked off a runner from 1st base by a mile.   You hear the collective breathes of everyone inside Dow Diamond a play was being made on an infield pop up.  The fly ball went straight up over the pitchers mound and the 1st baseman came running in to make the catch.  He did start to run into the starting pitcher for the Loons Julio Urias

I could easily see that the young pitcher had very good mound presence and form throwing to the plate.   For a 16 year to be pitching professionally at this age and throwing the ball in the 90 mph range projects him very well even in just 4 years.   The Loons have had a couple of other very talented pitchers make their way through Dow Diamond.   I'm not convinced yet on the young 16 year old from Mexico.   


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