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19th July, 2007     0

Are you in the gnome about the Frankenmuth Gnome Colony?

You should be aware of how it was discovered that this colony was present in Frankenmuth.  It is believed that these particular gnomes have been living here for quite some time.

The Artifacts:  When the Marv Herzog Hotel construction began in 2006 they unearthed some artifacts.  Teresa Herzog, a friend of the museum,  asked Matt Bronner, Wm. Bronner & Sons Construction, to take all of the artifacts to the Frankenmuth Historical Association.  He did; and two of the items were small wooden crates.

Jon Webb, Museum Director, found within the crates several documents, which he sent out for translation.  His museum counterparts forwarded it until eventually it was translated by the International Society for the Preservation of Gnome Lore (ISPOGL).

The Adoption:  In addition to finding these artifacts, the tunneling system the gnomes utilized along the Cass River was disturbed.  Teresa Herzog contacted Jennifer Tebedo at the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce to organize an adoption program providing suitable housing for these displaced gnomes. 

Dozens of Frankenmuth chamber members have risen to the challenge.  Each time a business agrees to adopt a gnome their name is put on a small paper, which is left in the Visitor Center.  Each night it is believed the gnomes straighten brochures and take the notes away.  From there it appears they send displaced gnomes to stay at the business.

Please make them feel welcome and be aware of these facts shared by ISPOGL:

Gnomes are 7 times as strong as a man
Males think of marriage at about 200 years old
A Gnome's life span is typically 400 years
Pregnancy lasts 12 months and birth is always twins-- a boy and girl
They love to dance and find occasion to celebrate.

Below is a recent sighting at the July 10th Ribbon Cutting for the Marv Herzog Hotel in the center of Frankenmuth, Michigan.


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