Glengarry Bhoys Musical St. Pat's Celebration March 18th

Friends of Celtic Culture Stage St Pat's Concert at The State Theatre

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St. Patrick’s weekend will be brimming with authentic Celtic music when The Glengarry Bhoys make a musical appearance at  Bay City’s State Theatre on Saturday , March 18 at 7:30pm.  Presented by The Friends of Celtic Culture, this organization  has been presenting concerts for over 16 years,  and the concert is just one of multiple events hosted by cooperating organizations that take place on St. Patrick’s weekend, leading up to the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade (one of Michigan’s largest) which rolls down Bay City’s Center Avenue on Sunday, March 19th at 2 PM. 

Described as bold, unorthodox, vibrant, and evocative, the Glengarry Bhoys  hybrid of Canadian Highland Scots and French Canadian musical idioms has evolved into a sound that is weighty, authoritative, and extremely entertaining.

Their energy and good humor, is as much a part of the show as their musicianship and crosses all cultures and ages. Many things have been written and reported about this world renowned Canadian alt-celt group over that last decade, all depicting their musical and entertaining prowess with varied audiences the world over, but their ability to marshal large enthusiastic audiences show after show is legion and recognized.

Their objective is simple yet evocative, as stated by their lead singer Graham Wright in a CBC "Fresh Air" interview: "if our audience can only get 10% of the satisfaction we get entertaining them - then we surpass our objective".

From a small Scots-French-Canadian enclave in Eastern Ontario, these Celtic-Stompers are always pushing the musical envelope but never straying too far from the traditional roots from which they came, and have earned a reputation as entertainers that challenge you to sit still during their engaging performances.

For further information please contact the State Theatre at (989) 892-2660 or purchase tickets here.



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