Frank to Challenge Thomas in Saginaw Prosecutor\'s Race

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22nd May, 2008     0

Editor, the Review;

I have given my decision to run for Prosecutor in Saginaw County much thought over the past few months. I have a thorough understanding of how our justice system is supposed to work, and why I think in many instances it hasn't.       

The county deserves a full time prosecutor who will roll up his sleeves and fight the crime problem in this county. Any prosecutor and his chief assistant who has tried as few as two cases in 20 years isn't rolling up their sleeves to get the job done.   

Tax revenues are low. Our prosecutor has the largest budget over at $3.3 million dollars. He has the largest staff ever. He has the taxpayers buying him a new car every year. We need to do more with less not less with more.

Every time I turn around the prosecutor is on another junket, either the national or state prosecutor's association or some other meeting. My philosophy is basically taking care of the crime problem in Saginaw County, not taking care of problems in other states. 

Fiscal responsibility is part of the prosecutor's job. This means making sure policy and procedures in law enforcement are followed so the taxpayers don't get stuck with the tab. The present prosecutor has failed in this regard.   

It would be my goal to prosecute violent offenders, career criminals and the worst of the worst within the shortest time possible. We need to get them off the streets.

Drive by shootings used to happen at night, not they happen in broad daylight. People are not as safe today as they were even 10 years ago. This needs to be changed.  

A full time prosecutor working for Saginaw County residents is essential. We all have to roll up our sleeves and get to work prosecuting crime.

Thomas L. Frank
Candidate for Saginaw County Prosecutor
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