Fall 2023 Bay Area Cannabis Guide

Michigan’s $2 Billion Cannabis Industry Continues to Grow

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Michigan’s status in the continuing trend toward the decriminalization of marijuana continues to rise, as the state expects to bring in nearly $3 billion in recreational sales in 2023 - nearly 33% more than in 2022. As the average price of an ounce of marijuana has dropped from $402 in 2020 to just under $100 in 2023 (after hitting an all-time low of $80 a few months ago), retailers continue to enter and exit the local market, as the shakeout continues, according to the Cannabis Regulatory Agency.

Even though California’s population is roughly four times that of the Mitten State, Michigan cannabis sales in 2022 averaged $229 per resident in Michigan and $135 per resident in California. And with Ohio putting recreational marijuana legalization on the ballot this November, more states are beginning to see the financial benefits of decriminalization.

The expansion is happening locally, as well, with shops opening in various neighborhoods throughout the Bay City area, including the Johnson Street and Midland Street business districts. Here is the latest directory of cannabis dispensaries in the Bay County Area. 

Fall 2023 Cannabis Guide

Breaking Bud

4373 Wilder Rd, Bay City

(989) 391-9019

Open 10am - 9pm Mon-Sat, 11am - 8pm Sun

Bud Brothers Cannabis Co.

3392 N. Huron Rd, Bay City

(989) 778-3777

Hours: 9am - 8pm M-W, 9am - 9pm Th-Sa, 10am - 8pm Sun 

Med / Rec


Canna Bay

1321 N. Sherman Ave, Bay City

(989) 402-9011

Med / Rec

Opened Jan. 2021. Company based in Colorado. Operates in Colorado, Michigan, and California, with a shop in New Jersey scheduled to open in 2023.


Consume Cannabis

901 Cass Ave, Bay City

(989) 623-9600

Med / Rec

Hours: 10am – 8pm every day

Opened July 2021

Consumer Club Loyalty Program: Receive text messages with deals before they go live on the website. Consumer Club members get 1 point for every pre-tax dollar spent, points that count toward future purchases.

HQ: Chicago. Operates locations in Arizona, Illinois, and Ohio. Other MI locations in Alma, Harrisville, Ionia, Lapeer, and Quincy. 


Courtside Gardens

1321 Court St, Saginaw

(989) 702-2027


Opened 2022

Company based in Colorado. Operates in Colorado, Michigan, and California, with a shop in New Jersey scheduled to open in 2023.


Dank on Arrival

3650 Patterson Rd, Bay City

(989) 778-1461

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM on site

Diamond Cannabis Company

816 Washington Ave, Bay City

(989) 778-2269

Med / Rec



3843 N Euclid Ave, Bay City

(989) 671-9333

305 N Euclid Ave, Bay City

(989) 439-1972

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM on site

Curbside & Delivery

Bay City location opened Jan. 2020. Rewards program and 1st-timer specials for all clients. disposhops.com/


912 N. Euclid Ave, Bay City


Elite Cannabis

3389 S. Huron Rd, #3, Bay City

(989) 439-1711

Med / Rec

Curbside Pickup

Hours: 9am - 8pm every day

Other MI locations in Mt. Morris, Jackson


Essence Provisioning Center

759 E Pinconning Rd, Pinconning

(989) 879-4000

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Local owner, one location, opened Mar. 2020. Rewards program and 1st-timer specials for all clients. essencemichigan.com/


The OUI-D Shop

Great Lakes Natural Remedies

3465 Sheridan Ave, Saginaw



Green Pharm

200 S Euclid Ave, Bay City

(989) 316-2833

Open 9am - 8pm every day

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Offers delivery within a 15-mile radius; $50 min.

Mich. owner; 4 locations (Bay City, Detroit, Kalkaska, Traverse City). 1st timers receive penny pre-roll with purchase; rewards program for med patients. Greenpharm420.com 

High Haven

1205 Washington Ave, Bay City

(989) 402-1070

Open daily 10am - 9pm

High Level Health Marijuana Dispensary

800 Broadway, Bay City

(989) 391-9503

327 S Main St, Vassar

(989) 882-9101

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite


House of Dank

3054 E. Holland Rd, Saginaw

(833) 746-7463 

Open 9am - 9pm every day



3446 State St, Saginaw

(989) 252-7530

Operates 32 shops in Michigan.


Motor City Oasis

18 Enterprise Dr. Vassar

(989) 882-9090

Native Son Detroit

408 E. John St.

(989) 574-6217

Opened June 2022 

Open 10am - 6pm (Sunday), 10am - 8:30pm (Mon-Thurs), 10am - 9pm (Fri-Sat)

Local, female-owned company

Rewards card: Receive a punch with a minimum of $50 purchase. Receive a 1G Pre-Roll or bag of Edibles after 5 leaf punches.


Nature’s Holiday

3620 S Huron Rd, Bay City

(989) 402-1519

Hours: 10am - 8pm every day

Med / Rec

Curbside pickup available.

Accepts cash; no ATM. Uses Paytender, which links to a bank account for no-fee transactions.

Local owner; one location. Discount for 1st timers and veterans; rewards program for all clients. naturesholiday.org/

Nature’s Medicines Dispensary

3480 E North Union Rd, Bay City

(989) 301-9718

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Based in Ariz., operates ships in Mich., Ariz., and four other states

1st timers receive a discount of 10% (rec) or 15% (med); rewards program for all clients. naturesmedicines.com/d/


Nirvana Center

412 Washington Ave, Bay City

(989) 252-7559


Cash only, ATM onsite


Planted Provisioning

3967 N. Euclid Ave, Bay City

(989) 552-1012 (call / text)

Open 9am - 9pm every day

Delivery 9am - 8pm every day

ATM onsite


Premier Provisioning Center

910 E. Genesee, Saginaw

(989) 900-0420

664 State Rd, Vassar

(989) 882-9006

1023 E. Caro Rd, Caro

(989) 882-0420


PUFF Cannabis Company

1680 Marquette Ave, Bay City

(989) 778-1144

Med / Rec

Hours: 9am - 9pm every day

Cash only; ATM onsite

Local owner, other MI locations: Hamtramck, Kalamazoo, Madison Heights, Oscoda, River Rouge, Sturgis, Traverse City, Utica. Daily specials, Jeeter outlet, customer rewards program. Bay City location opened for medical July 2019 and recreational Jan. 2020. 


ReLeaf Center

144 W Broad St, Chesaning

(989) 323-2071

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM onsite

Company based in Niles, MI; operates shops in Niles and Chesaning. Chesaning location opened summer 2018. Specials for 1st timers, rewards program for all clients, random specials. thereleafcenters.com/


3557 Wilder Rd, Bay City

(989) 778-1348

Cash only; ATM onsite

Owned by Pharmaco Inc.


Remedy Room

712 Washington Ave.

(989) 322-2400

Hours: Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm

Opened August 2022

Rec but will pay sales tax for current medical patients.

Opened first shop in Jurupa Valley, CA. Bay City is first Michigan location.

Has customer loyalty program. 




3976 Wilder Rd, Bay City

(989) 778-1114

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM on site




700 Gratiot Ave, Saginaw

(810) 243-1269

Med / Rec

Curbside service; ATM on site

Hours 9am - 9pm (Mon-Sat); 11am - 8pm (Sun)

Currently operates 10 locations in MI. Rewards program for all clients. skymint.com


Smoke Society

3697 Wilder Rd, Bay City

(989) 391-9877



Spark Cannabis Co.

1345 Prospect Ave, Caro

(989) 286-3676


Sticky Bay Area

2245 S Huron Rd, Kawkawlin

(989) 778-1776

Hours: 12 - 8pm, Thurs - Mon.

Med only

Accepts Debit, VISA, MC, Discover; no ATM onsite. 

Opened Nov. 2019. Rewards program; Regular deals (BOGO, quantity specials). 



The Dime Shop

1525 Broadway, Bay City

(989) 439-1011

Hours 10am - 8pm Mon-Sat; closed Sunday

Locally owned


The River Provisioning

101 N. Front St, Chesaning

(989) 334-5410

Med / Rec

Delivery available to surrounding areas


The Station

302 E Huron Ave, Vassar

(989) 882-9298

Med / Rec

Cash only; ATM on site


Top Cannabis Outlet

108 Lafayette Ave., Bay City

10am - 8pm Daily


Treehouse Club

215 S. Linn St, Bay City

(989) 402-1243

Open 9am - 9pm every day

Uncle Bud’s Provisioning Center

11 S Huron Rd, Linwood

(989) 564-7040

Med only

Cash only; ATM on site

Local owner, one location with two other Bay City locations opening soon; 1st-timers receive a nickel preroll with purchase; rewards program for all clients. 



URB Cannabis Dispensary

124 N. Waters St, Vassar

(989) 882-9009

Hours:Open Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm, Sun 10am - 8pm

Based in Michigan. Operates one other location in Monroe.



Xhale Cannabis

1014 N. Johnson St, Bay City

(989) 778-1139

Open Mon - Sat 10am - 8pm, Sun 10am - 6pm



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