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29th September, 2011     2

Now you can try your hand at writing history!

Study these two photos and submit a caption to accompany each image by registering and posting a 'comment' to each photo. One winning caption will be selected for each photo and each winner will receive a free copy of Roberta's book.  Please keep each caption limited to 50 words or less. Deadline for all entries will be October 29th.


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Jack Tany

Photo # 1: Saginaw Mayor Rupert T. Freeloader and members of the City Council drive a ceremonial board into the ground to commerate the new fence that will separate Saginaw from Saginaw Township. Officers predict the $250,000 fence, which will be built by Spence Brothers Co., will prevent annexation. Photo # 2: A number of Saginaw men celebrate after tunneling through an 8-foot snowbank in front of the S.G. Pearll Co., the city\'s most popular brothel.

January 18, 2018     10:01 PM
Tony LaDrig

Pic #1: Local businessmen and council members look on as the mayor, mayor pro-tem, and the city manager clear the ground and set poles at the entrance of the Saginaw County Fairgrounds and Raceway. This well-dressed threesome was the inaugural triumvirate in a long line of ineffective, yet well-dressed triumvirates to lead the city. Pic #2 : Stephen G. Pearll, local advertiser and sign painter, contracts a few local schoolboys to clear the snow from the entrance of his building at 607 Genesse Avenue. Mr. Pearll made the difficult trek from his home on S. 5th only to find his office was inaccessible due to the storm.

January 18, 2018     10:01 PM


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