Echoes: Remembering the Music of Tom Petty

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23rd April, 2020     0

The Reed Recording Company has released “Echoes: Remembering The Music Of Tom Petty,” a compilation of songs recorded in tribute to the late rocker.

Consisting of 23 tracks originally penned by Petty, all proceeds from the album will benefit All Music Is Power (A.M.P), a Saginaw-based organization that brings live music performances into the classrooms of children with special educational needs.

The project originated from a conversation between studio owner Andy Reed and songwriter J.D. Dominowski on the heels of Petty’s 2017 death. They thought it might be interesting to do a tribute to Petty using artists who regularly record with Reed. 

They began to approach the potential participants with the concept of an album where each track would be re-imagined and re-arranged to fit the style of the person singing. As you will note when you listen to the album, in some instances this results in a track that owes a great debt to the Petty original and others take substantial liberties with the arrangements and musical styles. 

The resultant work covers a vast expanse of Petty’s career, from big hits to album tracks more familiar to the aficionado.

From Dominowski’s opener, a smoldering take on “Refugee” through Amy Petty’s otherworldly reinvention of “Running Down A Dream” through Michael Robertson’s intimate interpretation of “Square One” and his sons’ rollicking take on “Even The Losers” (as Leland Blue), this album is a blast.  Sonically satisfying, intellectually engaging, and grounded in a catalog of rock-solid classics, this recording should end up being a favorite of Petty completists. 

A series of tribute concerts are in the works to present the material live.  In the meantime, the album can streamed on Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, iTunes / Apple Music and other popular streaming services.

Those wishing to make a donation to All Music Is Power can download the album from Bandcamp.  100% of the proceeds after transaction fees will be donated to the organization.

Each song is hyperlinked below as well:

JD Dominowski - Refugee 03:43

Leland Blue - Even the Losers 03:23

Sarah Schingeck - Learning to Fly 03:49

Chris Zehnder - Wildflowers 03:33

Jeff Schrems - The Apartment Song 02:32

The Lucky Nows - Walls 03:54

Ron "Rosco" Selley - Honey Bee 04:42

Escaping Pavement - Don't Fade On Me 03:36

The Savior Machines - Here Comes My Girl 03:55

Laurie Middlebrook - Louisiana Rain 04:47

Amy Petty - Runnin Down a Dream 03:58

Andy Reed - It's Good to be King 04:12

Donny Brown - Change of Heart 03:08

Michael Robertson - Square One 04:09

The Steve Taylor Three - The Waiting 03:38

Jennifer Naegele - American Girl 03:37

Gordy Garris - Breakdown 03:21

Joe Sullivan - I Need to Know 02:25

Brian Carson - Free Fallin 04:30

Nick Piazza - Time to Move On 03:28

Jeff Yantz - You Got Lucky 03:16

Stephen Colarelli - I Won't Back Down 03:44


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