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Totally Unique One-of-a-Kind FDA Approved DNA-Based Nutrition

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12th March, 2020     0

The body can perform miracles by the minute when given the proper raw materials. This new revolutionary vitamin supplement regimen is a straight line of raw materials sourced by your own DNA.

Check out these testimonials. This product has now been tested on nearly 75,000 people, over the past decade. The ingredients used are non-gmo, vegan friendly, gluten free, grown on organic or wild crafted farms, peer reviewed, using only clinical doses. Careful consideration and a very strict criteria is used before selecting each ingredient.

If you would like to learn more about DNA-based vitamin nutrition and how personalized vitamins based upon your own DNA can radically improve your health, please phone 989-780-4162 to set up an appointment.


“I have been a T2 diabetic for about 8 years and have hypothyroid issues all my life. I take (2) 500 mg Metformin tablets twice a day for the diabetes to control my blood sugar levels. I'm writing today because I have noticed a pattern in my blood sugar levels since

I started taking MY personal DNA-based vitamin supplements.

Before my blood sugar levels would go all over the place in and out of range. If I ate pizza, popcorn. chocolate candy, or ice cream the blood sugar would spike above 230-260. Well, last night, I had eaten pizza, popcorn, chocolate candy, and an ice cream sandwich before going to bed. Two hours later (before going to bed) I checked my blood sugar. It was 128 (Good). This morning I checked my blood sugar level and it was 117 (fasting). My blood sugar levels have been staying low consistently since I have been taking this on a daily basis. My A1c before taking the pretrition was 6.8. Over the past two weeks my A1c has been steady at 6.3. In mid October I go back for my 3 month diabetes check up (I do this every 3 months), my doctor will probably be amazed at the results from the future blood test.

-Tony Peters


I am Kimberly Megoran.  I am a Musician, Artist, Muse and Licensed Massage Therapist practicing in the healing arts.  As a youngster I was an athlete.  In my life now, in my own way and in my mind I still am. At least some days I feel like it.

With this said I have acquired some physical issues as well as Thyroid issues which has made me deeply consider the food I eat, the source in which it comes from, the way in which it was grown or produced, as well as how it is packaged.  I am fussy. I also realized that the food available today is lacking the taste and nutritional value it did when I was young and we grew our own in the rich Alpena soil. 

I have discovered this amazing DNA based Nutritional supplement, my mind is eased knowing that I am doing the best I can for myself.  I got a 38-page report about my actionable genes and what I can do to help the Genes with deficiencies.  Now, I feel better overall in general, I am sleeping better,  my hair is coming in thick and shiny - always a great indicator of my health, my nails, skin and over all being is glowing.  I feel happy and filled with energy.  

It makes sense to me to know exactly what it is that I should be working on instead of guessing at which supplements I thought I needed. 

It’s important to me that this nutrition is all plant based, organic or wildcrafted when necessary.  I would rather be preventative than reactive to any illnesses


I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome. I've been on pain meds and barely working for years as my symptoms just continued getting worse. About 4yrs ago I got chronic vertigo and migraines so bad I couldn't hardly leave the house because i couldn't drive if one hit. I had every test possibly done only to find out I had a small tumor pressing on my vestibular nerve in my brain. When it got inflamed I would get the migraine and where the vertigo came from. I had resolved to the fact that my body was more like 76 instead of 46. I was depressed, full of anxiety and literally wondering what my life was worth like this.

I began working with an amazing company that took my DNA and developed a nutrition supplement just for me. From the beginning I wasn't sold on the supplements, but as I began taking the pretrition that comes with the DNA swabs I was quickly impressed!

4 days in and the vertigo and migraines stopped and have not returned. My inflammation and pain is next to none and very manageable now cutting my medications down to 1/3 of what they were. I have energy, clean energy. I've lost weight and inches. I'm no longer waking up tired in the mornings because I'm actually sleeping and not just tossing and turning all night.

I cannot say enough how this DNA nutrition called has changed my life!

- Jamie Mangeris





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