Detroit Tigers stumble

Posted In: Sports, National Sports,   By: Thomas Baird

29th April, 2011     0

The Detroit Tigers now seem to be back to the same tricks that they did all season long in 2010.   They would get hot for a while and sweep a series against the Chicago White Sox and then get swept by the Seattle Mariners.   Several players for the Tigers have already gone on streaks this season both hot and cold.   Justin Verlander at times seems untouchable and then he will come right back and give up three home runs in one game.   A couple of the younger players will get hot for a couple of games and then go stone cold for a week.  Alex Avila is a prime example of ripping the ball for a few games and then look really bad at the plate.  As long as the Tigers can stay within striking distance in the American League Central Division the goal again this season is to make the playoffs.


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