Detroit Pistons play a poor game against Milwaukee Bucks

Pistons lose 119-94 at the Palace of Auburn Hills

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29th December, 2016     0

The Detroit Pistons were destroyed by the Milwaukee Bucks last night at the Palace 119-94.  After playing two solid games against the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers they came out flat against Milwaukee.  The game was a high scoring contest early on with Pistons hanging tough until about 5 minutes left in the first half.   They held a lead 42-41 before the Bucks went on a tear.  

What was surprising to me was the number of people at the Palace for the Christmas Break game.  Over 16,000 fans were in the house to support the Pistons but would end up leaving disappointed.  It was also strange seeing Greg Monroe walking to the locker room in a Bucks jersey.   Another thing that I always enjoy seeing was Thomas Hearns (former Boxing Champion) in attendance basically court side.  The Pistons are always promoting Detroit and put him up on the big screen to get loud cheers from the crowd. 

Another thing that stunned me was during the 3rd quarter when a Milwaukee Buck was fouled and another collision occurred with Jon Leuer went down for the Pistons.  Now a days teammates rush over to help their fallen teammate get back up.  Well Leuer laid there and no one other Piston player came over to help him get up.   This told me volumes on what is happening this season with the Pistons.   Their are some problems in the clubhouse that need to be addressed before the season turns into a complete failure. 

Milwaukee has a couple of young bright stars going for them right now as they moved to 15-15 on the season.  Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo lead the Bucks with 31 and 23 points respectfully.   Head Coach Jason Kidd has his team heading in the right direction.   The Pistons were lead in scoring by Tobias Harris with 24 points coming off the bench.   Detroit now falls to 15-19 so far into this young season.  

The final thoughts on the Pistons and the Palace are kind of mixed.   Detroit will now be moving back downtown in the new arena being build by the Detroit Red Wings for the start of the 2017-2018 season.  I have been going to games at the Palace for the past 28 years and have always enjoyed the modern facility which is about 32 miles closer to my home base.  This makes a big difference after a 10:00 finish.  They have won 3 World Championships in the building and will feel torn when they do actually leave.  Oh well I will go to a few more games this season before they call it a career at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  


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