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    icon Oct 30, 2014
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Hearing Lafayette, Indiana David Corley’s debut album Available Lightto be released November 18th surprised my ears with this great indie-blues rock singer-songwriter who plays guitar, piano and bass on this album. The band gives a larger than life sound produced, mixed and engineered by Hugh Christopher Brown who also performs Hammond B-3, piano, clavinet, Wurlitzer, Casio and backing vocals. Tony Scherr is on electric bass, upright bass and electric guitars. Gregor Beresford is on drums and percussion. Background vocals are filled up from Kate Fenner and Sarah McDermott.

At 53, Corley is a well-seasoned lyricist inspired by vivid dreams and classic literature of Joyce, Whitman, Blake and Rilke delivered in a seemingly comfortable baritone sharing his story with you.  His vocals remind me of Nick Cave and Lou Reed. Like a mood ring, each of these songs turns the stone a deeper color.

The title track “Available Light” includes the certain lyric; “I’ve seen enough, now, to know, you gotta shoot while you got it in your sight/ you gotta shoot it all with the available light”  The songs “Beyond The Fences” and “Easy Mistake” offer us his every man; “I hopped up into my truck, but headed to the wrong bar.  I got way too f***ked-up, and started wishing on the wrong star. But the sky, man, is so large. That’s an easy mistake”.

“Dog Tales” brings us a familiar lament “…uh-oh-…you know sometimes I think life’s just gonna pass me by/I’ve crossed insane fields, beyond the bounds of all reason/and I’m just about dog tired”. “Lean” reminds us “…I believe you’ve got to lean into it/you got to lean/I started waiting again/I started doctorin’ up/I threw some weight off my head/ah man, I just threw it off…” Look forward to his sophomore release with his new found freedom from the weight. We all need to lean into David Corley’s Available Light.

Find David Corley’s Website: http://davidcorleymusic.com/   David Corley Music on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DavidCorleyMusic  On Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidCorleyINDY

- Trish Lewis - Music Reviewer, Producer, Blogger & Host of The Eclectic Chair Podcast. http://radiochair.com/

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