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National Release and Special CD Release Party Set for Saturday, October 19th at The Hamilton St. Pub

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Formed in 2013 in Saginaw, MI, Chase Engel & the Night Shift is bringing excitement back to rock and roll. Consisting of five heavy hitters, Chase Engel on lead vocals, Connor Schrems on lead guitar, Noah Schieber on rhythm guitar, saxophone, and keys, alongside Jason King on bass, and Matt Gottlieb on drums, the five piece is nearly unstoppable.

To mark the release of the self-titled EP by Chase Engel & the Night Shift, the band will be performing at the Hamilton Street Pub in Saginaw on Saturday, October 19th.   The show will start at 9 pm ($5 a ticket and age is 18+), while Lockhaven, Without a Crown, and A Silver Lining will also be on the bill.

“We’re already known for having a wild eccentric show but we will be taking it to the next level for this one,” says singer Chase Engel. “Everything any of us have ever done musically feels like it was in preparation for this show. We’ll be pulling out all the stops. Playing like our careers are on the line. There’s a ton of hype surrounding the band right now, especially in this area, and we’re ready to show everybody why. It’ll be a rock show like you’ve never seen before I promise you that.”

In 2017, the band received an opportunity to work with Brian Wheat of Tesla. Wheat, enticed at the groups look and sound, invited the band out to his studio in California, working as the band’s producer, helping them put together a strong collection of songs, guiding them through the process of recording a professional album.

“When Jason first called to tell me that someone working with Brian Wheat had contacted him in regards to Brian really liking our video I knew that everything was about to change”, elaborates Chase. “The first time we talked to Brian himself was about a year or so after they had first contacted us about him seeing the video. I was at work and got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. Unsure, I picked up the phone and on the other end was Brian Wheat from Tesla.”

“The timing could not have been more perfect for us to reconnect. Tesla was actually playing in Saginaw, MI that night. Brian showed real interest in the band and asked if we’d be interested in coming backstage to hang out after the show to talk. It all seemed to happen really fast. One minute were meeting for the first time backstage, and just a few months later we’re standing in his studio, in Sacramento, CA, surrounded by gold records on the walls.”

“The band is firing on all cylinders right now,” adds lead guitarist Connor Schrems. “There just seems to be some magic between us when we play. I think it’s the love that we all have for each and the passion we all share for this band. People can feel that when they see us.”

The band’s other guitarist, Noah Schieber, sounds equally excited. “Imagine running one race, towards one goal for years, and never giving up and never stopping until suddenly the finish line is in sight. This show has been our goal for years, and our journey here is the race. This show is the finish line of one race and the start of a new one. A new race, a new dream, a new goal. This show is the start of everything.”

Drummer Matt Gottlieb is looking forward to the performance, as well. “The anticipation building for this show is unlike any we’ve ever done before. It’s taken a few years to get the band to this point and it feels like it’s all come down to this. One concert to show everyone what all the fuss is about.”

The EP (set for release on October 18th) was produced by Tesla’s Brian Wheat and released via his label, J Street Entertainment, the band recently issued a video for the lead-off single, “Sorry,” which can be viewed here:

“‘Sorry’ was a song I wrote quite a while ago,” explains Engel. “We had played it live for many years and then wound up taking it out to play newer stuff. It wasn’t until Brian asked me to send him demos that I revisited the track and thought, ‘This one was pretty cool!.’ After we recorded it with Brian it really brought the song to life. Shooting the video was a lot of fun. It was the first video that we shot that included more than just performance, which was nice as it gave me the chance to expand my creativity beyond music and the show. Luckily, we had a great videographer, an experienced lighting crew, and the help of some talented actresses to pull it off.”

That first song was the toughest,” explains Chase. “Not that it was extremely difficult, but it was a new process for us. Each song following the first, progressively got easier as we all started to click.”

“After laying the foundation for what we thought were all the songs slated for the EP, Brian randomly asked me if we’d be interested in throwing a cover song onto the EP. Something we hadn’t anticipated at all. The only cover song we knew in full as a band was a rock and roll version of Marvin Gaye’s, Let’s Get it On, but we never had any intentions of recording it. It was just a way for us to mix things up at a live show. Brian found an old video of us playing it live online, watched about 20 seconds of it, and said ‘Mhm, let’s do it’.”

“He didn’t really know a ton about our live show. He knew we dressed up, but that was about it. It wasn’t until he seen me in the parking lot showing the band some moves, I had in mind for a video to one of the songs that we were recording that he asked ‘What are you guys doing?’   Responding, I said, ‘I’m teaching these guys some new moves for the video’. To that, Brian said, ‘You guys are all doing moves together? Like The Temptations?’. Quickly I responded with, ‘Yeah’ to which Brian exclaimed, ‘The Temptations, but, rock and roll… I like it!’ It wasn’t until we came back to Michigan, shot the first music video, and sent it back to Brian that he really seen what we were all about.”

Soon after seeing the video, Brian took on the role as manger and signed the band to a record deal with J Street Entertainment, helping to push the five piece to the next level. With guidance from inside the industry, and a relentless work ethic, the band is prepared to take the world by storm with their eccentric show and fresh take on rock and roll.

“The EP has been journey. There is a real learning curve when coming into the industry. Working with Brian Wheat was a surreal experience. Brian, working as producer later taking on the role as manager, really helped shape the EP into something bigger. Brian challenged us in ways we hadn’t anticipated, helping us grow as artists and songwriters.”

“Picking favorites when it comes to your own songs is hard. Each one is special in its own right. The song ‘What to Do’ yields a bit of hip-hop, whereas ‘Lost’ leans more on our heavier influences. ‘Sorry’ shows our modern pop-rock side, while ‘Nighttime’ and ‘Let’s Get It On’ show our old-school roots. While each song is unique, we seem to have a way of bring them together.”

“When I saw Chase play I believed they were very different from a lot of rock bands out there,” explains Brian Wheat, “and they have tremendous potential. I started the label to develop young bands which I believe is a lost art these days...having been in the music business for over 30 years I want to give back to young bands some of the opportunities and wisdom that was given to me when I was a young musician.”

The group plans to tour in support of the EP, with Chase suggesting that fans should expect “Something completely different. It’s exciting, and fun, and wild. We are doing something that hasn’t ever really been done, at least that I know of. Trying to put entertainment back into rock and roll.”

And on October 19th, fans will be able to witness what the buzz is all about - with their headlining performance at the Hamilton Street Pub.



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