Bryan Rombalski: RTR\'s Artist of the Year 2007

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17th May, 2007     0

Willingness to engender local talent.
Performing public service.
Exhibiting a strong work ethic.
Overall representation of the Michigan Music Community.

These are the criteria set forth by Review This Radio Dot Com in the selection of Artist of the Year. In the only category of the Review Music Awards that is chosen by committee, it is fitting that Bryan Rombalski receive the honor in its second year.

Review This Radio Dot Com (, an internet radio station dedicated to promoting Michigan Musicians in all genres, solicited nominations for suggested artists in this category during the 2007 Review Music Awards process. Bryan Rombaski is featured regularly on the station. Along with Last Year's winner, Maybe August, he was the most requested artist since we began the station in 2005.

As Program Director of RTR, it has been my pleasure to exhibit the local talent so integral to shaping the Michigan Music scene. Bryan Rombalski is not just a guy who manages to meet a "set criteria" for recognition. Rather, he is an exemplary indication of what dedication, passion, and verve can produce. A teacher, a philosopher, and a guy who just plain loves the art of writing and performing, Rombalski brings a quality in the approach to his music that clearly exemplifies all that an artist should be. He is humbled by his art, fierce in his conviction that it should be shared, and is clearly dedicated to doing just that.

Fans not familiar with Bryan, personally, would be little surprised to learn that he is a very spiritual person. This much is conveyed well in his work. He constantly questions the world around him, seeks to experience all that he can, and translate it on a very personal level. Unlike many of us, he's somehow managed to retain the enviable ability to keep a belief in (dare I say it?) magic. Rombalski still has the ability to see realms of possibilities that you and I, sadly, lost track of in long ago childhoods. 

Rombalski's effort to connect to others has a firm foundation in a very open mind, as his comments reflect.

RTR: Describe the Bryan Rombalski, as you remember him, who first picked up the guitar.

Rombalski: Totally in love with music, and wanting oh so much to connect and be a part of that higher power of the inner and outer worlds. Time..RhythmŠare supreme. I knew right away that I had to be a part of it. I wanted to learn that language.

RTR: How has this person evolved over the years, and what do you see as the defining moments of that evolution?

Rombalski:  My music represents my internal growth as a person. Through the years I've tried to include what I've learned about myself as well as what I'm learning about the many different cultures of the World (its) historyŠThe origins of Mind, Body and Spirit. I'm a child of this earth, so I view it in as much of an integral way as possible. It's a prayer, an offering for all who would like to be included.

RTR: What do you see in your students that drives you to teach?

Rombalski: They are tomorrow. The world has yet to shake them up and shape them. I want to give them a glimpse of someone who has passion and love for what he does. The gift of music sure can bring warmth and comfort: Tools for the future.

RTR: How did "Three Worlds" come about?

Rombalski:  Mike McHenry and I have played together for some time. His enthusiasm and drive formed a bond between us. He introduced me to Ed and Mitchell. It clicked right from the start. Chemistry is so important. Earl also turned me on to Eddy's playing, and it (just) grows to what the music wants or asks for. I turn inside for guidance.

RTR: Tell me about the Bryan Rombalski that few people know. What do you do with your time? How do you unwind and break stress? What are the key anchors in your life?

Rombalski: I read. I love to learn about people, and how they express themselves. We have gifts for a reason. I feel it's to bring us closer, and to ease one another's pain. I try to see the beauty in the relationships I have with others. I love to walk and take in my surroundings. I listen to music every single day and can't believe how much great music we have at our fingertips. Also, my family is very special to me. They help me to learn about life. ____________________________________________________________

It is noteworthy that many local artists have enthusiastically embraced Mr. Rombalski as the best of the best. His obvious sweep at this years music awards aside, I was impressed that so many musicians went out of their way to thank Review This Radio Dot Com for selecting him as Artist of the Year.  In his unostentatious approach to his music and his peers, he has an earned esteem that I find very promising. In short, he brings out the best in people on both a personal and professional level.

That kind of connection cannot go unrecognized.

For that reason, we are proud to present Bryan Rombalski as the 2007 Review This Radio Dot Com Artist of The Year.
Congratulations, Bryan.

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