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Known as The Detroit Diva, Eliza Neals’ new release “Breaking and Entering” is heavy-duty rock infused blues with just a touch of R&B & Americana twang. This disc will be her sixth release not including her single “Sugar Daddy” from the summer of 2014 with The Narcotics also included on this disc. All songs written or co-written by Eliza Neals and there isn’t a song among the twelve I would skip through. Even the seven-minute version of the title track ends with the listener wanting more!

“Breaking and Entering” is produced by Neals, who offers her powerful vocals, piano, B3 organ or Rhodes on all of these songs. The opening song, “Detroit Drive” makes one want to take a ride with the music blasting and windows down even in the dead of winter, especially with Detroit veteran musician, Howard Glazer (EL 34’s) on dobro.

Glazer also offers his crystal clear lead electric guitar on five more songs. Mike Puwal  (CannonBall Records, ICP) is lead guitarist and co-producer of this project. As her own press states: “A team of safecracker musicians, with featured guest guitarist Kenny Olson (Kid Rock) plus Gabe Gonzeles (George Clinton) on drums drills open a pandemonium of grit-grime and gris-gris from power bluesy vocalist, musician, songwriter and producer Eliza Neals.” There are far too many great musical performances included on this disc to mention here in this short review.

Neals’ song “Sugar Daddy” offers a ghetto blues siren’s lyrics; “…I takes his money and I go and I play the town and he knows that my love ain't true / People all say he should put me down / But he's a fool he's a fool he's a doggone fool / One day I'm gonna tell my story of how he don’t love me no more…” Her vocal attitude matches this song’s sentiment perfectly.

Her song “Southern Comfort Dreams” offers the imagery; “Wakin’ up in this crazy place / I got the blues streamin’ down my face / I close my eyes and see you there…” and a telling chorus; “You're my southern comfort you're my dream / You make me happy when I wanna scream / You're my southern comfort / You warm my soul / It feels just like southern rock n roll.” It seems as if relationships are the true roots of any diva’s blues song.

Eliza Neals’ “Breaking and Entering” is well worth multiple spins for the road or any blues rocker’s journey.

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    Eliza Neals

    Thank You Trish, Yes I am glad you enjoyed the album so much and I hope you add it to your collection of blues-rock female artists on your personal player! Keep rolling down the windows and living life to the fullest! XO Eliza Neals