Best Variety Band: The Sinclairs Are The Spice of Life 

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19th May, 2011     0

When it comes to performing live in clubs and festivals throughout the area, variety is indeed the spice of life; which is why so many people going out for an evening of dancing or entertainment often seek bands that perform music they are familiar with. 

This year the honor for Best Variety Band of 2011 at the Review Music Awards went to the formidable musical outfit known as The Sinclairs, a long-standing group that has witnessed several personnel changes over the years, but has always remained consistent and steadfast towards their dedication to strong vocal harmonies and solid musicianship. 

Consisting of Jim Beschoner on lead guitar, Jeff Ott on Keyboards, Andy Scott on drums, Jeff Poirier on bass guitar, and long time vocalist Dennis Beson, the original group started in 1997 with Greg Bever, Ken Gloss and Rod Loomis, with Beson shortly joining after responding to an ad for a keyboardist and singer. Over the years, a storied line-up of musicians have come and gone; but with the latest line-up, The Sinclairs seems to have hit Gold and fully reached their stride. 

As for their reaction to being selected Best Variety Band in one of the strongest balloting seasons ever conducted for an Awards Ceremony, both Dennis Beson & Jeff Poirier were appreciative. “My reaction to receiving this award is one of true gratitude to the people of the Great Lakes Bay region,” states Dennis. “We have been making music for approximately 15 years now, and this is the first Review award we have received. It means a great deal to be considered the best of the best in this area, where there are so many great bands and musicians.” 

“I'm thrilled and also very happy that a true Variety Band won the award,” interjects Jeff. “We play Rock, Funk, Country, and Ballads from many decades and many times the winning band in year's past was not my idea of a variety band.” 

Regarding short and long-range plans for The Sinclairs, Dennis notes it will be a busy summer. “We have appearances at The Holy Trinity, The Sugar & Pickle Festivals, as well as stops at a few of our favorite places in Bay City - The Stables and The Wil-Lew Lounge. Long term is always under consideration and we hope to keep expanding and growing to new places around the state to see if we can bring The Sinclairs' brand of feel good, fun time to others around the state.”  Additionally, Jeff would like to continue to build the set list with many genres. “Over the past year with the new lineup of players, we've expanded our range.” 

What do Dennis & Jeff feel it is about their group that distinguishes it from other bands on the circuit that focus on Variety, Classic, and Top-40 music?  

“I think the number one thing is that we try to have fun,” states Dennis. “The comments I get from a lot of people that come to see us is that we truly look like we are enjoying ourselves. I try to engage the crowd by getting them to sing along and more importantly, smile. If I see a particularly somber face in the crowd, I strive to get a smile out of that person. After all, we are entertainers.” 

“I'm proud to say we present a family-friendly show,” adds Jeff. “OK, in all fairness, the bar gigs, not so much. And that's the beauty. We know our role and present the band in the proper manner, depending upon the venue.” 

“As for goals in the upcoming year, they're the same that we set several years ago, reflects Dennis. “Those are to be the most professional, entertaining, and musical group that we can possibly be. The goal is always to give the crowd 100 percent effort, no matter the venue, the size of the crowd, or how stressful life may be outside of the band.” 

“We'll continue on our course and strive to be a professional unit that people can hire with confidence,” confirms Jeff. 

“I also want to thank all the people that took the time to vote for us and feel that The Sinclairs are the best Variety band in the area,” concludes Dennis. “We couldn't do any of what we do if we didn't have tremendous fans that support us by following us around the area to concerts and bars. You are why we make music and you are why music in the Great Lakes Bay region is so great. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” 

The Sinclairs band has a long history,” sums up Jeff. “It's like family with the alumni. The band saw major line-up changes over the last year and as one of the new guys, I'm so proud when people tell us they've watched the band for 10 years and this is the best lineup yet.” 

Obviously, based upon readers and fans that voted, truth rings loud in those words. 


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